When, WHEN will I learn to stop watching WWE movies? Over and over I fall for the same tricks, most of the time I figure the stupid action movies or awful looking horror movies will just be bad fun, but they always turn out to be bad. This time around I actually had faith for a good movie. It was a comedy movie, which I’ve always thought they should go with and in the main role this time was the Big Show (Paul Wight), whom I thought was perfect because he’s a pretty entertaining and funny guy. I’m not sure where this movie fell short but it was pretty hard to watch. I guess you have to blame it on the script or the directing but I couldn’t say for sure. The one thing I was really impressed with was the cast here. You didn’t have billion dollar Hollywood super stars but you did have a lot of pretty good names in the credits. Besides your giant star you also had Melora Hardin, Will Patton, and Dennis Farina. But even with a quality cast like this it couldn’t save the movie. The most important thing about a comedy is that you laugh; unfortunately I don’t think I did that even once in this movie. From bland jokes that fall on their face to just really lame toilet humor there’s not much that’s redeemable about the film. The previews for this movie didn’t look too good but I still had to give it a chance. I know when the next one comes out I’ll fall for it again too. At least I can say I think this may have been the best of the WWE movies, but really that’s not saying a lot. This movie is about an orphanage that runs into money trouble (as you can tell already this is the most original story ever); the Big Show is working at the place, and is an orphan himself. Coming through town is a down on his luck gambler who’s looking for a fighter that might help him get out of debt, enter the big man. The two of them with the addition of a fine lady from the orphanage go cross country picking up fights and experience to get to the big tournament where they will inevitably win the money and save everyone making things a super sweet over happy ending. I was really hoping this would be a little more ‘Tommy Boy’ and a lot less, whatever the fuck that was. I assume because they WWE is going for its whole PG thing right now there were a lot of restrictions put on the jokes to make them more family friendly, and as we know, that’s never a good mix for comedy. At least I hope that was the reason this is more like a Full House episode than a comedy movie.

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