Six Weeks Records brings us this mega CD from Rome’s Anti You. Here we’ve got an album that also includes the band’s rare Pig City Life EP, their follow-up Johnny Baghdad EP and on top of all that two unreleased cover songs. If you’re familiar with any of Six Week’s stuff than you know that chances are anything coming from them is some good stuff, and this is no exception to that rule. You’ve got twenty eight blistering punk rock tracks. In current times we’re lacking good quality punk rock and hardcore bands, but Anti You helps fill that void. As I stated before you not only get an album is good old calloused sounding punk rock you also get a lot of bonuses here. The first sixteen tracks are the awesome album that you were expecting that. Seventeen through twenty is the Johnny Baghdad EP, then twenty one through twenty six is the Pig City Life EP and finally the last two tracks are our cover songs. The album and the Johnny Baghdad EP are both great. Pig City Life is good but not on the same level as the other two releases we have packed into this one, except ‘Problem Child’ that song is fucking awesome. Now as for the covers ‘Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing’ is a Discharge cover, and a pretty good one. They’re no Discharge, but it does them justice. And finally a cover by my second favorite band of all time – The Descendents, Anti You’s version of ‘I’m Not A Loser’ is actually way better than I expected. With the style difference I expected this to be slaughtered or at least not that good. However I was pleasantly surprised, this cover fucking rules. It’s probably in the top ten Descendents covers I’ve ever heard. So if you’re into hard in your face punk in the lines of Government Warning, Career Suicide and Direct Control Anti You is something you should be checking out.

1. Lobotomizer Man
2. Absolution
3. A Sign
4. H-Bomb
5. Escape From The City
6. Rewire and Reboot
7. Hook Line and Sinker
8. Punks Quit
9. Cop-Out
10. Dead End World
11. Contaminated
12. Aprils Fool’s Decade
13. Operation S.S.
14. Stockholm Pet
15. King Of Nothing
16. No One Like Me
17. Info DO
18. Nothing New
19. F.V.A.
20. Johnny Baghdad
21. Pig City
22. Stare At The Wall
23. I’d Rather Be Crucified (Than Listen To You)
24. Bail Out
25. Problem Child
26. Control
27. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
28. I’m Not A Loser

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