I know Boston has its famous hardcore scene but PanzerBastard can slide right in there with the metal acts too, how’s the metal living up in Boston?


We have a great metal scene here.Small but very dedicated bunch of headbangers who are diehard.There are a couple of small clubs/bars that do regular gigs and there are alot of excellent bands up here now.


With most bands I’ve seen that can fit in with the punk and metal crowds it seems to just bring everyone together, have you gotten mostly that experience too or have you run into some shit heads?

We seem to fit in everywhere and nowhere! I guess that means we’re original! :) It’s the classic situation of the metalheads calling us a punk band, the punks calling us a metal band and shitheads calling us ‘nazis’. We just consider ourselves a rock nroll band and leave it at that.Anybody who likes volume,riffs,sweat and blood is welcome at our gigs.

Do you get out touring as PanzerBastard much? Anywhere you’d like get out and play?

We’ve yet to do any serious touring.There is honestly no reason to tour the States at the level we’re at right now, the only thing that would happen would be that we’d end up playing to 10 people a night if we’re lucky and come home to find ourselves unemployed and homeless.We would rather release strong records ,play selectively and build up our following that way.A single appearance at MDF would do more for PANZERBASTARD than three van tours ever could. We feel differently about Europe, it seems far more of a reality for us to tour successfully over there right now.The metal and punk scenes are alot stronger and the whole touring situation(even for a band like us) is alot more organised.With amy luck we will be over to the UK and Ireland in April for a 2 week tour with our brothers in HELLBASTARD.

You’ve put out a number of EP’s, any plans for a full album or do you like the EP format better?

We are in the process of finishing the writing for our full length now.We really don’t have any preference between ep’s or albums, it’s a combination of what PATAC can handle and our schedules and finances.This record we’re looking to start recording as soon as possible might very well end up being an ep, you never know what glitches or obstacles may pop up.We just carry on and never let minor problems stop us.

How did the band get hooked up with PATAC Records?

Dan Patac had heard about us from mutual friends and called me up to talk.Me and Andrew met up with him at an Irish bar in my neighborhood and hit it off immediately. He has our personality and musical tastes, we’re all complete cunts!!!!!!

With your Centurion EP you’ve got two Celtic Frost great covers, was too hard to choose just one?

Not really, we’ve played an entire CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER set a few years ago at a special Halloween gig so it was never a question of having to learn the songs.We did make an effort to throw a curve with ‘I won’t Dance’ because it’s definitely not an obvious choice. ‘The Usurper’ is a no brainer and it won out over choosing another ‘curve ball’ for the simple fact that I think our version is fucking badass(ahh the ever humble KPanzer strikes again) :)

You’ve done a few covers so far, are there any more in the works for upcoming releases? How do you pick what songs you’re going to cover?

You never know what we might decide to record. Ya gotta be wary of covers though because ,at least for me, where do you stop? There are hundreds of songs that I think would make perfect sense for us to record but at the end of the day I’d rather give people a PANZERBASTARD tune.

What made you guys decide to compile the ‘Hell Gate’, ‘Bastards Die Hard’, and ‘Boston’ EP’s into the ‘2006-2009’ collection?

We wanted people to be able to get everything on one cd.The actual single, and small pressings of the rest of our stuff left alot of people searching for them and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t make that stuff easy to get if folks give a damn enough about us to cause a demand.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Well ,first things first, cheers for the interview! And as ever, we want to send a massive hail and kill to everyone and anyone out there who supports PANZERBASTARD-RESPECT! And lastly, to all the crybabies and anonymous cowards who continue to spread lies and rumours about us-GO FUCK YOURSELVES-WE AIN’T A NAZI BAND/WE PLAY ROCK N ROLL! BASTARDS DIE HARD!

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