In 2008 Making Believe Records brought us this release by ‘Kill That Girl’. I instantly liked it before even hearing it because, well how can you not like an album that has monkeys in the title? This might not be the longest listening experience you’ll have, the whole thing being just over twelve minutes, but it will be a great listening experience. Kill That Girl went from a band I’ve never heard of to a great pop punk band who I will be keeping an eye out for from now on. If you like pop punk in the style of the Queers, The Prozacs, Teenage Bottlerocket, or any of the great three chord pop punk bands, you need to get into this.

‘Dictator (an intro…)’ A sample intro in the form of a quote from ‘Mean Girls’ (great movie).
‘Fashion Zombies’ A awesome quick paced pop punk song. Catchy as hell, if the whole album is like this it’s going to be a five star listen.
‘Sad’ This sounds a lot like a Prozacs song, and that’s a very good thing, this song is a whole lot of awesome.
‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ A Cyndi Lauper cover, not one I expected, because who covers this song? It’s a great song, and this is a great cover. It makes a perfect pop punk song, I’m so glad this happened.
‘Stupid Bitches’ Pop punk needs songs about girls, but this isn’t you’re ‘I’m in love with that girl’ song. Best song on the album.
‘Beatrice Is In Love’ Here’s a song about love; it looks like ‘Kill That Girl’ does both styles. A great follow up to the previous song too.
‘Oh, Mary’ To close things out another cover song, this time a Manges one. At the risk of making a lot of Manges fans angry, I think this is the better version of the song. Excellent closer!

1. Dictator (an intro…)
2. Fashion Zombies
3. Sad
4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
5. Stupid Bitches
6. Beatrice Is In Love
7. Oh, Mary

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