SHOWS I SEEN: Tit Patrol/Hold Tight – March 18th 2011 – Main Mans – New Castle, DE

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Main Mans – New Castle, DE

March 18th 2011

My first time at Main Mans, it’s a pretty rad place!

Tit Patrol – After Hold Tight! I didn’t think Tit Patrol would be able to top that set, they play well but Hold Tight! Killed it. However, holy shit did Tit Patrol ever bring it. This was the best set I’ve seen all year, and it’s going to be hard to top that. It was fucking fun as shit, everybody seemed to be having the time of their life. This is what having punk shows in basements should be. Seeing this makes me want to buy a house just so I can have Tit Patrol play in the basement every week.

Hold Tight! – I was pretty fucking excited for Hold Tight! Because I’d never seen them before, they lived up to my hype. A superfun set, I’d definitely go out of my way to catch this band play again, highly recommended.

This is Your Life – This is Your Life started off a little slow but after a couple songs they found their niche and put on a damn fine show. They also covered ‘San Dimas High School Football Rules’ by the Ataris, which was a welcome surprise, it was an awesome cover too.

Ba-Durr! – Ba-Durr! Was really great, I thought they were going to give everyone one a good run because they set the bar pretty high in terms of top quality sets.  Hopefully I get to see these guys many more times.

The Adelies – Personally I hate ska, so I was more than a little worried when a saxophone came out, luckily these guys turned out to be pretty good. It was a damn fun set.

REVIEW: Italian Idiot: The First Italian Tribute to Green Day

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Making Believe Records and Da Kila Records team up for the first Italian Tribute to Green Day. Now from the title I assume you know what the album is. We’ve got nineteen Green Day songs covered by different Italian bands. This tribute album is fucking great; almost every song is top notch. This might actually now my favorite tribute album of all time. If you’re a Green Day fan this is a must own, and I’d even say if you’re not a Green Day fan still check it out, you might find something on here that you dig.

‘Maria’ A song that was unreleased until the International Superhits album and here to start things off with it are theNasty Cats, I figured they’d be a good fit for this since they seem to have very heavy Green Day influences. Simply put, this is one of the best Green Day covers I’ve ever heard.
‘Church On Sunday’ Teenage Gluesniffers are another band who I’ve been really stoked on lately. They don’t have a big Green Day sound, more of a bubblegum pop punk band butthey’re great. They’re covering a song from my favorite album, Warning. I love the way this thing sounds, it takes the pop punk side of Green Day and cranks it waaaay up.
‘Words I Might Have Ate’ Succo Marcio turns back time a bit with a song off of Kerplunk!This one took a little bit to grow on me, but that only took about two seconds. This does a great job of mixing more of the Green Day sound with pop punk, and it’s got some killer guitar work.
‘Waiting’ Again we go back to the best (for my money) album, Warning. Acid Colourtakes a step in a really weird direction. I’m not sure if I like this cover or not, it’s like a synth power pop version. But I think I might like it, though I’m not too big on the ending.
‘Good Riddance’ Cani Pazzi steps in to cover one of Green Day’s bigger songs off of Nimrod.This is punched up with more energy than the original and it works really well. This was one of the songs where Green Day mellowed out to record but Cani Pazzi has added the punk rock back into it.
‘Ha Ha You’re Dead’ Not released until the Shenanigans compilation album Killtime is in with a great cover of ‘Ha Ha You’re Dead’. This sounds a lot like Green Day, these guys do a killer job with this cover.
‘She’ Another one of the Green Day mega songs, off of their most recognized album, Dookie. Face Off takes a crack at itand knocks it out of the park. This is pretty much a perfect cover, I saw Iron Chic cover this song, but I think Face Off does an even better job.
‘Uptight’ We go back to Nimrod for the next cover, and doing it is another super pop punk band I’ve been into recently, Teenage Bubblegums.Dual female and male vocals add a totally new take to the song. They manage to keep the song the same and turn it into something totally different at the same time, this is an amazing cover.
‘Basket Case’ Back to Dookie with another giant hit for the band, I’d say this is arguably Green Day’s best known song and Rivelardes are brave enough to step up to the challenge of covering it. From the first five seconds it’s clear that they had nothing to worry about, this is a flawless cover that any Green Day fan would be happy with.
‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ Now what I think is the biggest challenge, as much as I like the band I’ve always thought ‘American Idiot’ was their one, completely terrible album. But Nadia Lanfranconi is here to give some credit to this awful song. This sounds like something that would be in a Disney movie, it’s really a nice version of the song (way better than the original).
‘F.O.D.’ Back to the super hits and back to Dookie, Frozen Brains is here to cover this classic song.They bring a good version to the song but it doesn’t quite stand out as much as I was hoping for. Still though, they do a real good job with it.
‘Going To Pasalaqua’ Hangers are up next with the first cover from 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours album. They bring a high energy pop punk version of this song that I dig a lot.
‘Westbound Sign’ Another first, Kill That Girl (another band that I enjoy a lot) is here with the first entry from the Insomniac album. They do an incredible pop punk version of the song, everything about this song I like a lot. The background vocals really pop too.
‘Brain Stew’ Back to back Insomniac entries, Hot Dog in the mix now to cover another one of the top tier Green Day hits. It’s almost a garage rock version of the song, which I think fits this perfectly, I don’t think there’s a lot of Green Day songs that would match up with this style as well as this one.
‘Hitchin’ A Ride’ Plutonio 113 takes us back to the Nimrod album; their twist on this song is a good one. It’s subtle but enough to notice and works well with this song more of a straight rock version of the song than the original.
‘One For The Razorbacks’ Going back to Kerplunk for the first time in a while Flowers does a cover that I don’t think I’m too into. I think it’s mainly the vocals. It’s not too bad, but stands out as weak when it’s alongside the rest of this album.
‘Coming Clean’ Biffers bring us back to the Dookie album this song suffers from the same thing as the last one; I’m just not feeling the vocals. Though the band is mostly on point with this one.
‘Welcome To Paradise’ More Dookie with this next one, if Basket Case isn’t Green Day’s most recognized song then My Burning Wings is covering it right now. This is great, though it sounds like it was recorded in a basement, which I’m still not sure is a great thing or something that really hurts it. Either way this is a fantastic cover.
‘Rest’ Allex N July takes us way back to 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours one more time to close out this compilation album. An acoustic version of the song, that doesn’t really work. It’s pretty decent but not that great.

1. Nasty Cats – Maria
2. Teenage Gluesniffers – Church On Sunday
3. Succo Marcio – Words I Might Have Ate
4. Acid Colour – Waiting
5. Cani Pazzi – Good Riddance
6. Killtime – Ha Ha You’re Dead
7. Face Off – She
8. Teenage Bubblegums – Uptight
9. Rivelardes – Basket Case
10. Nadia Lanfranconi – Wake Me Up When September Ends
11. Frozen Brains – F.O.D.
12. Hangers – Going To Pasalaqua
13. Kill That Girl – Westbound Sign
14. Hot Dog – Brain Stew
15. Plutonio 113 – Hitchin’ A Ride
16. Flowers – One For The Razorbacks
17. Biffers – Coming Clean
18. My Burning Wings – Welcome To Paradise
19. Allex N July – Rest

Get it from Making Believe Records HERE

REVIEW: Black Swan

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Director Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler, Requiem for a Dream, Pi) brings us a movie about, dancing. Now I know some of you are totally turned off by the thought of a movie about Ballet but you need to shut up and watch this. Natalie Portman is our main star here as Nina Sayers, she gets the lead role she’s been hoping for her whole life in a production of Swan Lake. Fighting through stress and maybe some insanity she needs to keep that role. Mila Kunis is another dancer, Lily, that’s new in town that’s gunning for the role Nina has. Nina also has a totally psycho mom who seems to be one of those living through her daughter types, but that’s ok because the girl is a little nutty too, ok more than a little nutty. The interaction gets a little disturbing at times, both seem a little skitzo. And if you haven’t somehow heard by now Nina and Lily do have a scene where they hook up, which is way more graphic than I expected it to be. There’s no G rating on this one. Granted there’s no nudity so sorry super pervs, but that doesn’t mean it’s a dud of a scene, not by any stretch. I’m actually a little surprised so many people seem to like this movie because it is a slow paced one. Even when not much is happening it pulls you in so it doesn’t seem like there’s a second of down time. We’ve got graphic seduction, drug use, heavy drinking, and some really fucking sometimes horrific disturbing mutilation scenes. Nothing that I might expect from a movie about ballet. In short this movie is pretty goddamn brilliant for more reasons than I can count. This is easily one of the best movies of 2010, it’s a fucking masterpiece of a film.

Get Black Swan from Amazon HERE

Releases Worth Getting March 29, 2011

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Black Swan
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Complete 5th Season
Teen Wolf
Dementia 13
Amon Amarth: Surtur Rising
Rational Anthem: Bread Line 7″/CDEP

REVIEW: The Beldings: Dead By Dawn

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Fun With Asbestos records brings us the debut EP from the Beldings, appropriately titled ‘Dead By Dawn’. We’ve got a rad cover with Ash and some song titles that make me pretty stoked to listen to this thing. The entire EP is five songs and clocks in just short of five minutes. All five songs are pretty heavy gruff waste no time punk rock. And one thing is pretty obvious about the Beldings, they like horror movies, every song is horror themed on here and they pull it off pretty well. Normally if you see this lineup of songs you might be thinking this is going to be a horror pop band or something, but instead you just get straight dirty punk rock.

‘Jason Voorhees’ As you might guess, a song about Jason Voorhees. This kind of sounds like every Friday the 13th movie told in a minute.
‘My Girl’s A Zombie’ This song keeps it short and simple, about half of it is the titled repeated, but there’s a verse in there. But that’s ok; when you’ve got a song called ‘My Girl’s A Zombie’ you don’t need a nine minute epic.
‘Dead By Dawn’ The title track almost sounds like part warning, part threat that you will be, well, dead by dawn.
‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Obviously lifted from one of the most iconic horror movies ever, much like the first track we get a fast rundown of what’s up.
‘Evil Dead’ Ash was on the cover so there had to be an Evil Dead song on here. Someone should rework the movie trailer to this song; I think it’d be a pretty great fit.

1. Jason Voorhees
2. My Girl’s A Zombie
3. Dead By Dawn
4. Night Of The Living Dead
5. Evil Dead

SHOWS I SEEN: Celebrated Summer 4 year Anniversary Show – July 10th 2010 – Golden West Cafe – Baltimore, MD

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Celebrated Summer 4 year Anniversary Show

Golden West Café – Baltimore, MD

Saturday July 10th, 2010

Went to Celebrated Summer Records’ 4th Anniversary Show tonight, it was pretty awesome. I went right after I got off work, it was going to be cutting it close because I get off work about the time the show was starting but luckily punks never start shows on time so I walked in about 5 minutes before the first band started.

Deep Sleep – These guys continue to get better and better in recordings and live shows. Fucking awesome as always.

Wasted Time – I’ve been hearing hype over this band for years, I wasn’t too impressed though.

Night Birds – I keep hearing these guys are fucking awesome live but I keep missing them, I finally got to see them tonight and they lived up to the hype. Totally great stuff!!

And due to me still suffering from FestAids from Insub fest (aka I’m still fucking sick) I rolled out before The Pist! played, regrettable.

REVIEW: Weak Teeth: Weak Teeth

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The Cottage Records brings us this 7” record from Weak Teeth. This self titled piece of vinyl kicks a whole lotta ass in a short amount of time. Less than nine minutes is all this five song EP needs to blast through your speakers. I’ll be the first to admit that I hate most new hardcore that comes around today, but Weak Teeth takes me back to high school, when there was a lot of screamo based hardcore, now most of that shit sucked but there were some real good bands in there too. If this record came out back then Weak Teeth would be one of the great bands. They come in hard and fast and don’t let up until the very end and not the end of the song until the end of the EP. Most of the songs are pretty short, one of them isn’t even a minute long but they’re fast hard hitting and fucking hardcore. With this record playing you can feel a pit around you, even if it’s just in your head. If you’re a fan of things like The Exploder, Pg. 99 (pageninetynine), or Charm City Suicides this band will most likely quench your hardcore thirst.

1. Welcome To Mensa
2. Facebath
3. You Have Selected No
4. September 30th
5. …And They Shall Inherit The Ear

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