Not Shy of the DIY brings us the debut EP of Teen Rebel Dopefiends, Demonstration. This is a pretty cool EP; it takes an approach that I haven’t heard in a long time, its punk rock with a big push on the rock side. There are six really good songs that I enjoy the shit out of. Anybody that appreciates good rock music and likes punk that’s looking for something a little different needs to get into this.

‘Rebels Remedy’ This high energy rock punk jam starts off the EP in the right way, a great song, really gets me excited for the rest of the EP.
‘Mr. Official’ This song is even better than the first, a lot more of that rock element injected into it too.
‘Problems’ This one took a while to grow on me, but turns out it’s a pretty good song. They amp up the punk side of things but still stick heavy on the rock part.
‘Whipping Boy’ We’ve got some whoa’s, a great sounding track that’s pretty catchy. It’s actually pretty damn poppy, but it’s far from a pop song, really good stuff though.
‘Dopefiend Shuffle’ Best song on the EP right here, it’s got everything, punk, rock, and a sweet little solo.
‘Marina’ Best song on the EP, a little slower than the others but it rules a whole fucking lot.


1. Rebels Remedy
2. Mr. Official
3. Problems
4. Whipping Boy
5. Dopefiend Shuffle
6. Marina