DC has been on a pretty good roll lately with their animated movies, not all of them have been great but most of them have been real good. Now we’re treated to one focused on not only DC’s most famous and infamous super hero but the best known hero around the world, Superman. The All-Star Superman movie pretty much follows the storyline of the All-Star Superman comic, which I enjoyed a lot. Superman goes in for a routine save and ends up absorbing too much of the sun’s energy, essentially poisoning him. His powers grow amazing amounts at first but then his body starts to break down. He uses his shortening life to reveal himself to Lois as Clark and fix a few lose ends around. Somewhere in here he gives Lois the gift of super powers for twenty four hours, fights some people from his home world and has to fight a super powered Lex Luthor. Everything is more or less kept intact and is told really well. Though not to be one of those ‘the book was better than the movie’ guys but there was some detail in the comics that didn’t make the cut for the film which I think would have really helped flesh things out some. I liked this one a lot, it’s another great animated movie from DC but I think it really could have just been a little better, less flat then it turned out to be. Basically they could have made it seem like more of a full world movie than a long episode of a TV show.

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