In 2008 Making Believe Records and Knowhere Records brought us a split from Out of Tune and The Cunninghams. Once again this is two great pop punk bands on one great release. The first side is Out of Tune they’re a great pop punk band that takes what seems like elements of the Prozacs, Super White Garlic and early Queers and molds them into a great sound that dances in my ears to the brain. Next up is The Cunningham’s are the more poppy side of the record. They’re more of a Ramones-core band. Not quite your standard Ramones-core but chances are you’ve got a pretty good idea of what they sound like. Anyone that likes punk or pop punk will enjoy the hell out of this album, not one bad song on it.

Out of Tune
1. Interview With My Bedroom
2. She’s The Queen
3. Turn Me Off
4. Good Guys
5. Bastards

The Cunningham’s
6. Runaway My Dear
7. Boot
8. My Cap
9. We Will Cross
10. Day By Day

Get it from Making Believe Records HERE

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