Tankcrimes Records is here to bring us the debut album from Kicking Spit. Three guys from New Brunswick, New Jersey are what make up this band. They pull influences from Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, and Superchunk and you can really hear it in the songs, thing something along the lines of those bands (especially some of the harder Dinosaur Jr stuff) and add more of a rock edge to it and you get something close to Kicking Spit, you even hear a little bit of hardcore and power pop kicking around in the songs. The album is relatively short only being six songs, it comes in at around fifteen minutes but that doesn’t mean it should be looked over. I think the band says all they need to with these six songs, every one of them is great. What we’ve got here is an orgy of great sounds barrowing a lot of elements that come together in a great way that some people might not expect. If you’re a fan of rock, power pop, alternative, low-fi rock, punk, hell just about anything you should be checking this one out.

  1. Nothin Left
  2. Way Out
  3. Skulls
  4. Sea of Swirls
  5. Truth of Consequences
  6. Beyond a Sun

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