Get Better Records brings us the new album from Young Mountain, and it’s a good one. It’s actually the best thing I’ve ever heard from Young Mountain. They do a great job of blending pop punk with folk, all eleven songs here are great. You’ve got twenty seven minutes of pure pop folk bliss for your ears and brain to savor. Not only are these songs executed perfectly but the writing here is pretty top notch as well. Anyone that’s into pop punk or folk needs to be checking this album out right now.

‘PC Doesn’t Stand For Personal Computer Anymore’ Things start out with a great pop song about being PC everyone’s crazy views on things. A quality start to the album, it’s quick and catchy.
‘Mixed Signals’ A catchy little pop tune that calls out people on their hypocritical and flip flop views.
‘I Hope Cannibals Turn You Into Stew’ You’ve got a little more of the folk sound injected into this song than the straight up pop of the last two, but it’s still a great poppy song.
‘Your New Boyfriend Wears an Amon Amarth T-Shirt’ Fast folk pop the whole way through, I like this song a lot (and Amon Amarth).
‘All Growed Up’ The song about growing up, it kind of sucks (growing up, not the song, the song rules), but everybody’s got to at some point. Moving back to more of the pop formula for this one, it’s another great jam.
‘Double Standards’ Winding up the speed for our sixth track, a song about how shitty people can be. People may be shitty but this song is keeping the album right on track with being great.
‘A Billion Times Around’ The title track here, it’s got more ‘punk rock’ in it than anything else on the album. I kind of wish a couple more songs would have went this way because this may be the best song on the album.
‘First World Problems’ I think it’s the song that is the best example of mixing pop with folk. The title is pretty appropriate; it’s just the mess of problems that we deal with everyday.
‘’97 Blazer’ A song that seems to be full of nostalgia, one of the best ones on the album.
‘I Am A Statue (of America)’ I don’t want to call this a filler song (because there are none on this album) but this one doesn’t quite pop out like the rest of the album. It’s still a good song, never getting skipped.
‘Silly, Staggering and Happy’ This song took a little bit to grow on me, but that happened fast, before the song was over I had warmed up to it. It’s very heavy on the folk side of things. This is the type of song I could have a drink to.

1. PC Doesn’t Stand For Personal Computer Anymore
2. Mixed Signals
3. I Hope Cannibals Turn You Into Stew
4. Your New Boyfriend Wears an Amon Amarth T-Shirt
5. All Growed Up
6. Double Standards
7. A Billion Times Around
8. First World Problems
9. ’97 Blazer
10. I Am A Statue (of America)
11. Silly, Staggering and Happy

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