SHOWS I SEEN: Celebrated Summer Records Last Towson Show – June 27th 2010 – Celebrated Summer Records – Towson, MD

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Celebrated Summer Records – Towson, MD

Sunday June 27th, 2010

So this past Sunday was one of the best record stores ever (and my personal all time favorite), Celebrated Summer Records closing show. Luckily they’re not closing their doors, just moving locations. They’ve had some shows in the comic shop which the store is located in the back of, all of which were a good time and this one was no exception. I’m pretty excited to see the store in its new location inside of Atomic Books but sad that there will be no shows there.

Praise – Praise started out the show, they were a pretty solid band, a great choice to open things. I really enjoyed their set.
The second band, I’m not 100% sure who they were, didn’t catch the name but that’s probably for the better. They’re set was ok, good filler but nothing great.
Deep Sleep – Holy shit these guys are machines, they’ve got to be. Members of Deep Sleep played/attended Insubordination Fest the 2 days before this show, as if the fest wasn’t a grueling enough experience they put on one hell of a show there. Then they come in the very next night and rock it hard again, great set by Deep Sleep, I donno how they do it. The only downer is the crowd seemed to be a little drained from the weekend’s events.
Mikey Erg – I’ve never seen a Mikey Erg solo performance, it was pretty cool. Mikey is another guy who I’m amazed at, I’m not even sure how he was still standing after all the bands he played with at Insub, let alone playing another show. It was pretty great though, just a man and his guitar. He played a lot of Ergs tunes, some of his solo stuff and a Nada Surf cover. It was a good time.


REVIEW: No Strings Attached

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Ok wow, now when I say this movie was bad I mean it was so bad it actually made me mad watching it. Let me first point out that I did not have high expectations of this movie, I’m not even sure why I watched it, I’m still not sure why I watched it, but I did. This movie sucked a lot of good names into its funnel of sucktidtude, Natalie Portman, Ivan Reitman, hell even Kevin Kline wasn’t free to escape it’s icy grasp. I expected this of Ashton Kutcher but not the rest. Director Ivan Reitman hasn’t had a flawless career, he’s had a few stinkers like Junior and Dave in there but nothing of this caliber and his hits far outweigh his misses including Kindergarten Cop, Ghostbusters II, Twins, Ghost Busters, Stripes, Meatballs and even My Super Ex-Girlfriend which I did surprisingly enjoy a bit. Oh well, I guess shit happens sometimes, onto the movie. The movie itself was pretty unwatchable; I’m not even sure how I made it through it (or why). Besides being a comedy with no jokes (except one from Miss Portman at the beginning of the movie) it had no redeemable values what so ever. The reason the movie made me so annoyed is it was basically about some rich people getting laid all the time. Sorry if I can’t have any sympathy for the characters if they pull up to their giant house in their nice car, behind a bunch of other cars they own, and their big problem is they haven’t gotten any in two days, fuck that. If you want a movie that can connect with most people I need to see these people living in a shitty apartment driving some old ass car who haven’t gotten any in months then they happen to fall into this ‘lets bone all the time’ scenario, then I MIGHT give a fuck about the movie. There’s really no reason to justify watching this movie. Say for argument sake you’re on a date with a girl and she wants to watch a movie, and this is the only movie there is to watch, recommend watching grass blow in the wind, or flies fucking or well basically anything.

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REVIEW: Green Lantern

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They finally made a Green Lantern movie, and I for one, as a big Green Lantern was both excited and fearful. I know to pull off a good Green Lantern a lot of CGI would be needed and CG is one of my most hated things in movies, mostly because it looks like shit most of the time, more on that in a minute though. First Ryan Reynolds, some people were happy about him being Hal Jordan/Green Lantern some people were happy. I thought he was a pretty good choice and it turns out this was correct. He did a great job as both Hal Jordon test pilot and as space cop Green Lantern. Peter Sarsgaard also did a pretty great job as Hector Hammond, I was a little surprised to even see Hammond in the movie as he isn’t a predominant villain these days but it worked out nicely. Now for the effects of the movie, the power ring needed a lot of them, sure they may have looked cheesy but at least they didn’t look super shitty which is what I feared, but past that what was just straight up impressive was the alien life needed for the movie. Sinestro, Tomar-Re, Kilowog and all the rest of the lanterns looked great. I couldn’t have been happier, except the movie really could have used way more Kilowog; we got him for about a minute and a half. However it wasn’t all happy, Parallax is a different story. Personally I wouldn’t have even had it in the movie, but it was there, and even worse it looked pretty shitty. I realize something like is hard to put up on a movie screen but why a giant cloud? Ugh. As far as the plot and all that shit goes it was pretty well done. They crammed a lot into the movie without making it seem too rushed or cramped. They had a quick but well done origin story, and some super villain fights, they even saved the universe. I could have done with a lot of the ‘love story’ being chopped out but I guess you’ve gotta have something for everybody. It was a solid comic movie for Green Lantern, it wasn’t fucking amazing and it probably won’t blow you away but they did a good job. I do think however this is a movie you’ll need to be a reader of the Green Lantern comics to really appreciate, if you’re not it might seem like too much is coming at you and it’s all just stupid. Green Lantern fans can breathe a sigh of relief and check this out, everyone else go read some comics before you see it. A lot of them.

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REVIEW: The Two Funerals: Boy’s Club

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Richmond, Virginia based band, The Two Funerals are here with their second EP that is out on Rorschach Records. The cover art is done by Lauren Denitzo of The Measure [sa] but the outside isn’t the only reason to check this out. Inside we’ve got three pretty chill rock songs for you two to enjoy. All three songs are pretty darn good and I think a lot of people will enjoy them, especially people who enjoy a lot of indie rock, even though I wouldn’t call this stuff indie.

‘This Basement’ We’ve got a very long intro on this one but it all works out. It’s a pretty chill rock song with some pretty rad guitar work.
‘Coward’ Another rock song, this one is part chill and part anger. It’s pretty good but doesn’t quit hit as good as the first one.
‘Boy’s Club’ We close it out with the title track, which also happens to be the best song on the album. It keeps that chill mood going but throws in some party parts for you.

This Basement
Boy’s Club

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Releases Worth Getting June 28, 2011

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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Apollo 13
Alpha Dog
The Jackal

Ergquist “42,069 Seconds With…” 7″
Legendary Weapons by Wu-Tang

REVIEW: Louise Distras: Heartstrings On A Handgrenade

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Louise Distras is here with her Heartstrings On A Handgrenade EP, it’s got three acoustic songs that will keep you occupied for at least eight minutes. This may be only three songs but it’s really quite good. If you’re a fan of acoustic rock songs with a punk edge and female vocals you need to check this out.

‘Bullets’ Tough sounding vocals, but not in a bad way. It’s a real good acoustic rock type song.
‘This Is Your Life’ This one is way more chilled and relaxing than the first song, at least through some of it. Some of those strong willed, strong vocals do come through.
‘Black and Blue’ This is the best song on the EP, it’s that type of song that’s going to get stuck in your head and you’ll be glad it is.

1. Bullets
2. This Is Your Life
3. Black and Blue

REVIEW: The Shirks: Cry Cry Cry

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This is my first hearing of Washington DC’s The Shirks, and man is it a good one. We’ve got three songs with an old rock punk sound to it. All three of these songs are fucking awesome, and being just over seven minutes long, it’s one you’re going to listen to on repeat for a while. It gets in, makes good with the tunes and gets out where you’re left wondering how long you can hold out until you just have to put it back on again. I can’t imagine how anyone wouldn’t be into this record; make sure you give this one a listen soon!

‘Cry Cry Cry’ High energy rock, sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom or a garage, but that actually adds to the sound instead of being a negative thing. This song is pretty damn awesome, it makes you want to get up and do something. The album opens with the best song on the record.
‘On Time’ Slightly let back on the speed but this is no less of a great or high energy song. It’s like old punk taken up to the next level.
‘Prostitution Summer’ We close things with the second best song on here. The riffs remind me of just straight good old rock and roll, but with the punk attitude.

1. Cry Cry Cry
2. On Time
3. Prostitution Summer

Get it from Grave Mistake Records HERE

Get Cry Cry Cry from Amazon HERE

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