The SyFy couldn’t resist the temptation to swoop in and attempt to jump on the coattails of the mega marketing that was going towards the big studio Thor movie. The channel known for making movies with bad CGI about dinosaurs and shark creatures decided to go and make their own Thor movie. Of course who better than to direct this than the man that directed Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus, Christopher Ray! SyFy will sometimes try to slide in a real star, or at least a big name in their movies, this time around attempting to fill that role was Richard Grieco as Loki. And who do we have for the main role, the god of thunder himself, Thor well that is filled by Cody Deal. A pretty much unknown man, but that doesn’t really matter right now. Now the movie isn’t quite what you’d expect it starts out with Loki trying to get the hammer of invincibility from Oden, who is played by WWF/WCW/TNA/WWE Star Kevin Nash (there’s another name for you!). Oden Nash ends up banishing the hammer through time or dimensions or something and Loki ends up killing him and Thor’s brother. So Thor takes it upon himself to go after the hammer and stop Loki, which of course takes him to modern times in some big city (where eventually he starts using guns). Most of this movie Thor acts like a giant bitch and his female companion is the one doing all the work, until at the end Thor finds his balls somewhere. The fight scenes are pretty cheesy, as are the affects. The big budget Thor film blew away SyFy’s affects within the opening three minutes, but what do you expect? All in all despite it’s drawbacks of production, acting, story, well basically everything it’s a pretty enjoyable movie. You’ve got some cheesy demon fights in the middle of a city and over acting, it’s some fucking fun. I can’t say Thor/comic fans need to see this one, but it will be well worth your time for cheesy movie fans.

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