The simple way to describe this, or the way the movie seems to try to describe itself is the made up high school version of ‘The Scarlet Letter’. What we have here is the talented and delicious Emma Stone as Olive, a girl in school who believes she’s invisible to all boys. The whole thing starts out with an innocent but kind of shitty lie; she doesn’t want to hang out with her best friend for the weekend so she makes up a guy that she’s going out with. This rolls into she stayed the weekend with him, which her friend assumes she got laid. The rumor quickly spreads that she boned some collage guy (and other variations of this). From there she starts trading lies that she’s banging guys (to help the guys become less of losers) in exchange for gift cards, basically a fake prostitute. As you can imagine this gets out of control pretty quick, the fact that there’s a group of super Jesus freak students doesn’t help matters, or the guidance counselor who really turns out to be a whore. Soon enough everything reaches a breaking point where Olive has to do a webcast confessing everything. In the movie Olive admits she’d like her life to be more like a John Hughes movie, well Easy A sort of reminds me of a John Hughes flick, but not quite as good. It’s a pretty decent movie to watch for free, it has some legit laughs in it but it won’t have you rolling for an hour and a half. However anybody that’s obsessed with Emma Stone (I know you’re out there) might run out to buy this one to own, after all it does have her walking around in some kind of slutty clothes for half the movie.

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