CQ proves that you can’t judge a book (or movie in this case) by its cover. For the longest time I assumed this was a cheesy sci-fi movie, granted I’d never read about the plot or anything, this was just judging by the cover. Then one day I figured, what the hell, and bought it. Well it wasn’t the film I was expecting, nope, no cheesy sci-fi movie here, what I got instead was a movie within a movie within a movie which turns out to be a great movie. I was really pleasantly surprised by this one. Jeremy Davies is Paul, an editor at first, then moved up to director, on ‘Dragonfly’, a cheesy Barbarella type sci-fi movie. While this is happening he’s also at home filming a bit of a documentary about his own day to day life. The two come together better than I would have expected to make a great movie. If you’re a movie fan and pay attention the filmmakers are obviously giant movie fans as well because there are tons of references to other films in here. Anyone who likes movies I can’t recommend this enough to, if you’ve got a short attention span though, this is a bit of a slow paced one, but they pull it off wonderfully.

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