Pop punker turned folk man Matt Pless is back with his second album; this one has more of a matured sound than the previous. We get more of a country infused type of folk as opposed to the heavy pop sided stuff from last time, but it all still has that same familiar feel of Matt Pless. There are a lot of really great songs on here that any folk/country/punk people would be happy listening to any day of the week.

‘The Flowers in the Furnace’ The album opens with a straight up country song. It’s a real good one; it’s got that country sound with a ghostly edge.
‘Pick Up the Pieces’ A punk rock folk patriotic song. The kind you sit around and drink some old whiskey to.
‘World Gone Wrong’ Not the Bob Dylan song but something just as good, actually it kind of has a little bit of a Dylan punk feel to it.
‘Where the Horses Won’t Go’ A creepy sad sound for this one, it’s almost like hearing a ghost story.
‘White Picket Fences’ Back on the path of upbeat sounding songs here, a nice bouncy song that shows that everything’s OK even if it’s really not.
‘When the Helmets Hit the Ground’ There have been countless great folk war songs, this is another that goes on that list.
‘Talkin’ Information Blues’ I’venever heard a folk song about the internet…until now.A cautionary tale of cyber space.
‘Nothin’ Doin’’ Another cautionary tale, this one more of a country tune than the last, it’s about taking the easy way out and just thinking of yourself.
‘In the Past Tense’ An easy going song about things that have long past.
‘Boomerang’ This might be the catchiest song on here, while not the best on the album chances are it’s one you’ll be listening to a lot of the time.
‘Tearing Down the Walls’ Closing out the album is a mellow acoustic song, one you can relax with a drink and listen to on that lazy afternoon.

1. The Flowers in the Furnace
2. Pick Up the Pieces
3. World Gone Wrong
4. Where the Horses Won’t Go
5. White Picket Fences
6. When the Helmets Hit the Ground
7. Talkin’ Information Blues
8. Nothin’ Doin’
9. In the Past Tense
10. Boomerang
11. Tearing Down the Walls

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