Well it’s been a while since there’s been a silly fun stupid spring break type movie so I’m glad this one came around. These movies are great, they’re good fun, little plot, and a lot of time a good amount of bare breasts. While these movies are never a cinematic masterpiece they are enjoyable as fuck. What we’ve got here is basically a remake of the 1978 movie Piranha, written by a couple of guys that wrote the Sorority Row remake. Its spring break, some shit happens which unleashes some deadly flesh eating fish that have been extinct for years. There are a lot of faces you’ll recognize in here but I’m going to glaze over that, because really, in a movie like this it doesn’t matter who’s in it. What’d expect from a movie like this is some blood and titties, and you get both. Granted you only get titties by four girls but two of these girls go for the full on nudity, for a good length scene or two. What you also get from this movie is some pretty awful computer affects, and I’m not just talking about the pile of shit that the piranha’s look like. You’ve got some pretty bad blood and people getting cut in half and shit, but I guess I’ve seen worse. To make up for it you get some pretty brilliant things (besides just naked ladies) like my favorite thing ever was when Adam Scott decides to jump on a jet ski and drive through the water shooting fish with a shot gun, he’s like the aqua-terminator, it’s a brilliant couple of seconds. Ving Rhames also has some time with the shotty, and gets a little more creative with a boat motor. This movie is basically exactly what you expect it to be, if you need an hour and twenty of stupid bloody fun check it out. It’s got a great ending too.

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