REVIEW: Survival Of The Dead

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George A. Romero is back, zombies are back, you know what’s coming. I’m a big Romero fan, not obsessed but I’ve liked everything he’s done at least to some extent. And honestly I fully expected this to be the first bad Romero movie, well I won’t say he does it again and pulls out another great film, but it’s not bad. Certainly not as bad as I’d expected. It’s a pretty good zombie film, but not up to George’s standards. The effects are AWFUL in this, filled with terrible CGI, which doesn’t help this low budget looking movie. I’m not saying low budget is bad, but there is bad looking low budget. Not the whole movie looks so bad, but there are parts that make me shake my head. There are some real effects in here, but I could most likely count them on my hand. There is a nice tie-in with Diary of the Dead which was kind of nice. The movie actually has a pretty damn good cast, a decent story; there are a lot of things that work here. A lot of this centers around an old feud between two families on an island. One boots the other off, and during the zombie invasion that’s been going on for years the exiled side comes back to the island and the feud continues. If you’re a fan of zombie movies, don’t let the terrible CGI scare you away because it’s still a decent flick, but don’t go expecting the next Dawn of the Dead either.

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SHOWS I SEEN: Mr. T Experience – February 25th 2004 – Talking Head – Baltimore, MD

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Talking Head – Baltimore, MD

Wednesday February 25th 2004

To this day this is still one of the best shows top to bottom I’ve ever been to, maybe even the best. Partly due to the fact that going into this I knew MTX and I kind of knew Beatnik Termites, besides that it was just filler, or so I thought.


Gamma Rays – Gamma Rays were awesome, I got turned into an instant fan. I got to see them a couple more times before they broke up after this, they were always good but this was the best I’d ever see them.

Proteens – Another band that made me an instant fan, great pop punk, super cool, I bought some Proteens stuff pretty quickly after this show.

Copyrights – A band that I can’t imagine playing the Talking Head today, this was my first time even hearing them. Catchy as hell, I knew this was a band to pay attention to. They weren’t quite as energetic as they are today if you see them but they were solid as hell.

Beatnik Termites – Beatnik Termites almost stole the show with this one, I’ve seen them a bunch of times since this, and they’ve always been good but this was by far the best I’ve ever seen the band. Amazing pop punk, great stage presence, everything you want from a great band.

Mr. T Experience – The first and (so far) only time I’ve seen my favorite pop punk band of all time. They played for a good amount of time and played a lot of awesome songs. Dr. Frank even did some of the acoustic stuff. It was basically everything I could ask for…except that it did end at some point. I’d love to see MTX again because they were so damn awesome this time around.

REVIEW: Alice Cooper: Welcome 2 My Nightmare

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Alice Cooper is back with his first album since ‘Along Came a Spider’ three years ago. Titled ‘Welcome 2 My Nightmare’, it has what seems to be a parody of both the title and album cover of his first solo album ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’, which seems right as it is a sequel to the original album. This album is all over the place trying out various styles; it almost seems like more of a retrospective collection of the Alice Cooper sound than a linier album. But it still sticks to the same concept, which gels the album together really well. This album is nothing like I expected it to be, but is actually a much better sounding, and much more complex create. The more I listen to this thing the more I love it. If you’ve been a fan of Cooper for years, if you use to be but stopped, or if you’re just starting out I think all of these types of fans will love this album, or at least part of it. Hell it’s even a great start point for someone that’s never even heard Alice Cooper before.

‘I Am Made of You’ This song I just don’t like at all, it really made me fear for the album. It’s just bad, it’s long and boring and not even close to what I was hoping for.
‘Caffeine’ This song is goofy as fuck. At first he sounds a lot like Weird Al. And it is actually about caffeine keeping you awake. That being said, if you can get past, or embrace, the dumb subject it’s a pretty awesome song.
‘The Nightmare Returns’ Here’s a creepy awesome song. It’s a bit like a lullaby meets Nightmare on Elm Street. It’s real short, just over a minute, but it would be right at home in a horror movie.
‘A Runaway Train’ This sounds like some 70’s Alice Cooper, which isn’t a bad thing, that’s my personal favorite era. A straight up great rock song is what you get out of this one. This is my favorite song on the album.
‘Last Man on Earth’ Like a bluesy/folk sound here, it seems to pick up after the train wreck at the end of the previous song. Not what I’d expect from Alice Cooper but I dig it.
‘The Congregation’ Word is this song was heavily inspired by the Beatles, I assume that’s true because you can really hear it. It sounds a lot like if the Beatles did a song with Alice Cooper. Rob Zombie is on here for a second too.
‘I’ll Bite Your Face Off’ Another song that sounds a lot like his 70’s days. A little song about the devil, it’s a pretty good one too.
‘Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever’ I’m not quite sure what the deal is with the bad disco song, but it’s not a high point of the album. I could actually see this growing on me just for the fun of it though.
‘Ghouls Gone Wild’ A cool surf rock song is a nice twist after that disco thing. Also not something I expected from Alice Cooper but it’s pretty awesome. Mark Volman, singer of the Turtles, does some background vocals on this one.
‘Something to Remember Me By’ A song written by Alice Cooper and Dick Wagner in the late ’70s but never recorded for some reason. Well here it is now, it really sounds like it was in his pocket for many years, it’s a nice slow ballad type song. It’s like the good version of a song you’d hear playing in the big prom scene in a cheesy movie, I dig it.
‘When Hell Comes Home’ This is the kind of creepy dark hard rock song I’d expect from Alice Cooper now a days. Honestly this is what I expected the album to sound like. But I guess what would you expect out of a song with some murder?
‘What Baby Wants’ At first I hated this song, then I thought it was incredible, and then I hated it again, now I just like it a lot. It’s weird that’s for sure. It’s basically Alice Cooper does dark pop. Kesha is on this song, and you can really hear it shine through. I think this will be the most hated song on the album, but I’m cool with it.
‘I Gotta Get Outta Here’ Almost what I’d describe as a classic rock song, there’s some acoustics and a lot of awesome lyrics. You decide if Alice is dreaming or dead…
‘The Underture’ An instrumental track, not bad but not needed.

1. I Am Made Of You
2. Caffeine
3. The Nightmare Returns
4. A Runaway Train
5. Last Man On Earth
6. The Congregation
7. I’ll Bite Your Face Off
8. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
9. Ghouls Gone Wild
10. Something To Remember Me By
11. When Hell Comes Home
12. What Baby Wants
13. I Gotta Get Outta Here
14. The Underture

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REVIEW: Tit Patrol: Shut Up Juice

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Tit Patrol again with another great fun album chopped full of fast pop punk for everyone to enjoy. This album rips through coming to an end in less than twelve minutes, but once again Tit Patrol proves you don’t need a lot of time to pump out a great album. Half of the songs are under a minute, but being short just means you get to listen to this a thousand times, and chances are you’ll be doing that.

‘Butt Foot’ One of the best song names ever created damn fine song as well.
‘Tit Patrol’s From Earth II’ Self titled songs almost always prove to be among the best, I think this is the closest thing to a self titled song Tit Patrol has, it follows that same rule. One of the best songs on here.
‘Yer Givin’ Me The Heebie-Jeebies’ Shortest song, the title kinda says it all. The Heebie-Jeebies is something no one wants.
‘I Can’t Save No Money’ The story of being bad at saving money almost seems like it was written for me. Here’s to everyone that’s bad at saving money.
‘Daily Lobotomy’ Maybe my favorite song on here, lobotomies, comics, fish, it’s got everything.
‘I Want A Be Happy With Me’ Short songs are explained in the title a lot of times, this is another self-explanatory one, quality jams.
‘One Of My Moods’ A sweet riff opens up the song about being in a mood. Seems like a mood I’m in a lot.
‘Get Rid of You’ Pretty simple lyrics wise, I think you’ll get the point pretty quick. It’s damn catchy though, it’s a ‘gets stuck in your head’ song.
‘Surfin’ Suzy’ Starts out slow and ballad like, for about thirty seconds, then gets brought up to Tit Patrol speed. Another classic Tit Patrol pop punk hit.
‘Candy Not Cops’ A song against the cops, one of the best anti-cop songs I’ve heard.

  1. Butt Foot
  2. Tit Patrol’s From Earth II
  3. Yer Givin’ Me The Heebie-Jeebies
  4. I Can’t Save No Money
  5. Daily Lobotomy
  6. I Want A Be Happy With Me
  7. One Of My Moods
  8. Get Rid of You
  9. Surfin’ Suzy
  10. Candy Not Cops

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SHOWS I SEEN: Celebrated Summer 2nd Anniversary Show – 10 Car Pile Up – Towson, MD

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10 Car Pile Up – Towson, MD

September 27th, 2008

Celebrated Summer 2nd Anniversary Show


This was pretty incredible, and I didn’t even get to see the whole thing. I’ve been going to shows for around fifteen years and this is one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Add to that this was an anniversary show for my favorite record store of all (Celebrated Summer Records) time AND the Ergs last Maryland show (they were breaking up and making their last rounds), there was a lot going on here. If you walked outside of the venue there was crowds of people lined up for blocks, if you saw the crowd and you were just passing by you had to be wondering what was going on, it looked more like Celebrated Summer fest! Now I mentioned that I left early, after the Ergs amazing fucking set we were wiped the fuck out, so much so that my buddy that I came with couldn’t go anymore so we had to roll out. I’m sure this show continued to be amazing (and was from what I heard) we missed Ruiner, Pulling Teeth, and Government Warning. That lineup alone would have made for an awesome hardcore show, so yeah, we fucked up. But even with that this was still incredible.


Brain Dead – These guys were pretty ok, I’d never seen them before or heard of them. Not the best band but they seemed like they were having fun.

Sick Fix – I’d heard a ton of good things about Sick Fix but had never heard them before. Unfortunately I wasn’t into them at all. Female fronted punk rock is normally up my alley but I actually think the vocals were a big part of why I wasn’t into this one. They band seemed like good people though.

Deep Sleep – I’d seen Deep Sleep a few times before; they had a really good set, the best I had seen of theirs up to this point. This was the show that actually put them on a higher expectation level as far as live performances for me, it ruled.

The Ergs – The Ergs! Holy…fucking…shit. The Ergs are one of my favorite bands of all time; I’ve seen them many times. This was their last Maryland show and I was bummed about it but excited to see them again. I was pretty sure I was going to their last show at this point but it wasn’t 100% so I needed this. (I did end up going to the last show…it wasn’t even as good as this one! That’s how great this was!). To sum it up simply this is THE best set I’ve ever seen in my entire life (Not counting Iron Maiden). As soon as the first song his it was like “Oh shit these people are nuts”. It was one of those fight for your life to stay up front sets. By the second song I was out of oxygen but still hanging in there. Someone would stage dive, you’d catch them but right after a second person would jump onto you both then before you could get up in would come a third to add to the pile. My shoes came untied, which happened to be a good thing because they acted as an anchor when people stepped on them. About half the crowd got up on stage, people were crowd surfing on stage, over top of the band. I was waiting for someone to fall and get impaled on the drum set. I wish I could relive this set once a month; it was the best thing to ever happen. After the set people just stood around sucking air trying to get a grip on life again, I talked to Mikey and thanked the Ergs for being great, then was talked into leaving early.

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