So they made a Catwoman movie, don’t get too excited, even though it has Halle Berry, it’s no Batman. The first problem here is this isn’t the Catwoman we all know, Selina Kyle; it is for some reason, Patience Phillips. Patience Phillips is lowly artist who was working as a graphics designer for a cosmetics company. Then we come to the next problem, Patience is portrayed as a dumpy looking goof, but you’ve got Halle Berry playing her. Putting a loose shirt on Halle Berry does not make her unattractive. The next stupid thing we have here is the driving force behind this movie (plot wise), corruption in the beauty industry. There’s some new beauty cream that is causing people’s skin to wrinkle, NO ONE MUST KNOW!! So when poor ol Patience finds out, what choice do they have than to kill her? But that’s ok because she’s brought back to life when a CGI cat yawns mist in her face, which appears to turn her into a person that acts exactly like a cat. Here’s where the movie drags, it’s got what seems to be nine hours of her being a cat in what I think are supposed to be humorous situations. Finally about forty minutes into the movie we get a leather jacket and robbing a jewelry store. This is apparently being robbed already, so it’s onto one of the most ridiculous fight scenes I’ve ever seen, at one point she actually surfs on a guy across the floor. I guess that one night about covered her criminal background because from there she’s out for revenge on whoever killed her. From there the fun is pretty much over, this goes from a movie that’s so bad that I can’t help but like a little to the bad movie that everybody thought that it was. Boring, bad, a little cheesy, the only semi-redeemable thing is the awful puns and one liners and the goofy ass fight at the end. Overall at first I thought I was going to be shocked and end up liking this movie just because of how bad it was, but then about half way through it falls flat on its face and just turns into the bad movie that makes me want to go take a nap.

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