George A. Romero is back, zombies are back, you know what’s coming. I’m a big Romero fan, not obsessed but I’ve liked everything he’s done at least to some extent. And honestly I fully expected this to be the first bad Romero movie, well I won’t say he does it again and pulls out another great film, but it’s not bad. Certainly not as bad as I’d expected. It’s a pretty good zombie film, but not up to George’s standards. The effects are AWFUL in this, filled with terrible CGI, which doesn’t help this low budget looking movie. I’m not saying low budget is bad, but there is bad looking low budget. Not the whole movie looks so bad, but there are parts that make me shake my head. There are some real effects in here, but I could most likely count them on my hand. There is a nice tie-in with Diary of the Dead which was kind of nice. The movie actually has a pretty damn good cast, a decent story; there are a lot of things that work here. A lot of this centers around an old feud between two families on an island. One boots the other off, and during the zombie invasion that’s been going on for years the exiled side comes back to the island and the feud continues. If you’re a fan of zombie movies, don’t let the terrible CGI scare you away because it’s still a decent flick, but don’t go expecting the next Dawn of the Dead either.

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