I was told The Room was the worst movie ever made by three people in the same week, so I had to check it out and see how it stacked up. I’ve seen some bad movies in my time, and this is not the worst, but it up (or down) there. The main actor (also director and writer, go figure) looks like a corpse, acts about as well too. He’s by far the worst part of this movie. Other bad parts include, everything. The movie is basically entirely dialog driven, and really bad dialog. The whole thing is utterly boring; it’s like a really bad episode of a soap opera gone on three times too long. There’s nudity in here, but even that is bad, nothing can save this train wreck. The big shouting match on the rooftop is pretty fucking funny, until the main man shows up and sucks all the fun out of the world with his beyond terrible acting. This guy is seriously amazingly bad, he’s obviously out classed by everyone else in the movie (and there’s no Ed Norton in here). I think the reason he’s making movies is because he’s the only person that would ever put him in a movie. He delivers his lines like a retarded robot. This might not be the worst movie I’ve ever seen but I think this guy may be the worst actor I’ve ever seen. At least he shoots himself at the end, but not even that is any good. No effects at all, he literally puts the gun in his mouth, there’s a fake shot sound and he falls backwards in slow motion. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to bore yourself to death this is the answer. However if you have insomnia, the cure is here!

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