My favorite running zine, Jerk Store, is back with a brand new issue; needless to say I’m pretty stoked about it. Starting out is an intro that I always like reading, though it almost seems like an apology (none needed!). We also get a heads up on Jerk Store Records #1. Our first interview is with a label that I’ve given my money to a few times, Not Shy of the DIY. It’s got some pretty rad inside info on how things got started and such. Up next on the interview block is a great band, Too Many Daves. One of the few gripes I’ve ever had with this zine is right here; the second page of this interview is murder on my eyes. One of the few (or only) times I’ve had a problem with the layout or anything of Jerk Store (the rest of the issue looks great though!). As far as that second page, I’ll easily look past it for what is a great interview, one of my favorite Jerk Store interviews to date. And I’d also like to say, to the band, please do that reverse ‘Out of Step’ cover. After the pair of interviews it goes into a nice piece on the Embrace record, followed by a good page and a half on Melbourne, which I enjoyed a lot. Then tucked away at the bottom of a page is a little rant (well maybe not exactly a rant) on DIY. Normally when you read something about DIY it’s self serving or self promoting. This isn’t either, it is however like a look from the outside pointing out the good and the (for lack of a better word) the posers. There wasn’t a lot to that spot but it was really good, and made some damn good points. After that back come the interviews with a quick one with the bass player of the HungUps (a pretty good band). Slid in at the bottom of the page is a fast book review for ‘The Fuck-Up’. It sounds pretty cool so I think I’ll have to check it out. Back to the interviews again, this one with a band that’s been getting a lot of praise, Joyce Manor. A pretty decent interview up until the odd end, no fault of Jerk Store’s. Though, fittingly it does make Joyce Manor kind of seem like a buncha jerks. Capping off the interviews for issue number nine is an enjoyable one from Autistic Youth. On the last page (before the reviews) there’s a write-up on the craziness of the amount of music you have available to you today. I’ve thought of this on many occasions, and have been in a similar situation like the one that is in the first paragraph. Closing out Jerk Store #9, is the same way Jerk Store always goes out, pages of short fast reviews. Nine pages worth this time, I always love this section. I can say here pretty much the same thing I’ve said about every issue of this zine, make sure you buy it. If I could only read one zine, it’d be Jerk Store.