The Quarantines are back with their second EP, this time with zombies as the focus instead of robots. The cover is almost the same as the first 7″ with slight changes, which I like a lot; I hope they keep this theme going. I guess you could call The Quarantines a concept band, Ramones-core songs about robots and zombies, their first EP was great and this one continues down that road of great pop punk songs about stuff that nerds will love singing along to. A split release out on Insubordination Records and Zombies Ate My Music Records, be sure to check this one out if you like quality pop punk…and zombies.

‘Shoot to Kill’ Most of the Quarantines songs have a Ramones edge in them, but I hear a lot of MTX in this one though. It’s not often you hear a love song about shooting and zombies.
‘Robot Takeover’ A song getting back to my favorite subject, robots. A simple song to learn and sing along with, the counting parts almost sounds like a kid’s song. It’s pretty incredible.
‘Infected’ What’s the worst thing that can happen when dealing with zombies? Getting infected. A poppy song for a pretty terrible thing to happen to you.
‘Zombie Army’ Even though there’s the threat of becoming a zombie and being part of their army, you can’t help but tap your foot to this tune. At least you better before it rots off from the infection.

1. Shoot to Kill
2. Robot Takeover
3. Infected
4. Zombie Army

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