REVIEW: G-DO & Xception: Chicago to Amsterdam

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Chicago rapper Xception and Amsterdam producer G-DO are back with a new EP, one that’s about the places, events, and people. As you can guess the title comes from the places that G-DO & Xception do. The EP came out on Goal! Records in August and is available for free download. If you don’t know about G-DO & Xception, they’re a team that’s putting out some of the best new hip-hop that I’ve heard in years. This EP is a great place to start if you haven’t heard their debut album. And if you have heard the album, I imaging you’ve wanted more G-DO & Xception. The EP features songs as homage to both Chicago and Amsterdam (‘Chicagoing’ and ‘The Damn’). Both are great songs, ‘Chicagoing’ is a perfect choice to start out the EP, I love everything about the song, it might be the best on the album. And ‘The Damn’ is a great bookend to close things out, it picks things up after things start to wind down and leaves you wanting more G-DO & Xception, and as soon as possible. ‘I Still Love H.E.R.’ features the newest member of Goal Music Group, Shishani. The flow on this song is so smooth; this is the type of song you can never skip. ‘Family Matters’ is a great middle song to hold the whole thing together; this is a damn quality song that ranks up there with some of the best songs about family. ‘Timeless’ has Muliplist making an appearance, he showed up on a couple of tracks on the ‘Mood of the Music’ album. I’m glad to have him back because there’s talent that works just right with G-DO & Xception. As you might expect there’s not a bad song on this EP, any fan of hip-hop simply needs to hear this, no excuse not to.

1. Chicagoing
2. I Still Love H.E.R.
3. Family Matters
4. Timeless
5. The Damn

Get it from G-DO & Xception HERE

REVIEW: Big Soda: Paper Route

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Evil Weevel Records brings us this great EP from Big Soda. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but it wasn’t what I got. Big Soda is a pop punk band that’s so good they’ve got a totally refreshing sound. They’re not a Remones-core, or Screeching Weasel-core band, they don’t quite fit into the ‘new school’ that the Copyrights and the Dopamines do either. They’re a pop punk band that has a lot of pop rock mixed into them. I love the shit out of this sound and here we get six great songs from the band. If you’re into good pop music you have to check this EP out.

1. I Know You
2. I’m Wrong
3. Grief
4. The Flood
5. Paper RT.
6. Big Soda

REVIEW: Saturday Night Karaoke: Blah!

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It’s October and Saturday Night Karaoke is back with another great EP. There are a lot of riffs in here that you recognize, or may think you will. Most likely that’s because this is a band that you feel like you’ve been listening to for a long time. That may not be the case, but they are a band you should know. The cover on this thing is pretty goddamn brilliant too, let’s face it, it’s what most dudes that listen to pop punk are doing at night anyway. There’s a fair amount of short songs on this thing, but all of them are real good. If you like pop punk and you weren’t excited for this to come out, you’re doing it wrong.

‘Not FB’ Starting out things in a great way with a super catchy pop punk song that could stand amongst a lot of the great pop punk songs of the 90’s.
‘Indie Rock 101 – How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes’ A really long title but I’ll excuse it because it’s great. But the greatness doesn’t stop there it continues to another awesome song.
‘Raspberry Chupa Chups Forever’ An odd little intro on this one, but it goes into a pretty sweet punk rock intro. It’s a beautifully written song that’s sure to be in my head a lot.
‘So Anyway…’ Just over thirty seconds, this song proves you don’t need anywhere close to a minute to pump out a cool song. It’s got a real fucking weird intro though. But the song kind of is too.
‘Caroline Andersen’ Almost half of this song is intro, but the other half picks up real fast and, well, pop punk. It sounds like it was dipped into an Ergs set before it was recorded, and that’s not a bad thing. I’m not sure who Caroline Andersen is, and I think I’m missing out on something because of that.
‘Spazz Jazz’ One of the more goofy sounding songs from the band, it’s less than twenty seconds so if you don’t have the fun threshold to deal you don’t have to wait long. Damn girls with boyfriends.
‘P.S. I’m Sorry’ This might be my new favorite song by the band…or my second favorite. Needless to say it’s off the charts good. This is one of those cases of a song that’s a real downer lyrically but hidden behind the poppy goodness of the music. I’m a big fan of the contrast. And the background oooooh ohhhh’s.

1. Not FB
2. Indie Rock 101 – How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes
3. Raspberry Chupa Chups Forever
4. So Anyway…
5. Caroline Andersen
6. Spazz Jazz
7. P.S. I’m Sorry

Get it from Saturday Night Karaoke HERE

REVIEW: Dead Uncles/The Credentials: Split

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Here we’ve got a split between Dead Uncles and The Credentials, a band that I like a lot and a band I’d never heard of before now. First the Dead Uncles side, I’d never heard these guys before but after this song I really want to hear more. This is a great example of some of the awesome punk that’s around today. The song is called contant disappointment, and it’s a damn good one. The Credentials are a band that I’ve been listen to for a bit, they’ve already got two great albums and a pretty good 7″ out. Their song, Sulk, is another great tune from the band. This split is only two songs but the bands complement each other it’s well worth your money. I think the Dead Uncles song is a bit better than the Credentials one, and that’s not saying the Credentials phoned it in, Dead Uncles are just that good. This is out on 86’d Records, get it!

1. Contant Disappointment (Dead Uncles)
2. Sulk (The Credentials)

REVIEW: Family Lumber: Look To The Sidelines

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Fans of indie rock/pop will be happy to hear this self released EP by Family Lumber. Anybody that’s into things like Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, and Pavement will be on board with Family Lumber. We’ve got four three really good songs, and one great one here. Check it out if you’re into this type of thing, you’ll be glad you did.

‘Before I Sleep’ A super relaxing song, this is what I want to listen to if I’m lounging out in a hammock or something on a summer day, or getting high and laying on the couch at night.
‘Everything You Wanted To Say’ A lot of the pop/rock side is shown through on this song; it’s a lot more upbeat with some spring in it. A first rate song for sure.
‘No Worries’ This EP just keeps getting better and better with each song. This one combines the relaxedness of the first song and the up tempo of the second for a song that outshines everything else on here.
‘The Past Is Going To Rule You’ After the last song this one seems like a little of a letdown, but it’s still a good tune. Personally I’d have switched the order up, but that’s ok, it still goes out on a good note.

1. Before I Sleep
2. Everything You Wanted To Say
3. No Worries
4. The Past Is Going To Rule You

Get it from Family Lumber HERE

REVIEW: Dead Ringer: Enjoy The Ride

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The band that had my favorite demo of 2010 (I listened to it a few times a day for a very long time) is now here with their first EP by way of Gruff Beard Records. If you haven’t heard Dead Ringer, there’s no better time to correct that than now. Female fronted pop punk in the vein of Discount and The Measure [sa], I’ll even throw in a Jawbreaker comparison. These for songs are incredible and really show off what the band can do. They’re perfectly written and performed, plus it helps a lot that Kristia’s vocals are incredible. My personal favorite song is ‘That Veronica Vaughn Is One Piece of ACE’, which is also a (I hope) a Billy Madison reference. The A side seems to have the slower songs, where the B side picks up the speed. I was crazy excited to get this EP and I’ve listened to it more times than I can count. Highly recommended, I can’t stress how much you need to have this record.

  1. We’re Brown As Fuck
  2. Home
  3. That Veronica Vaughn Is One Piece of ACE
  4. Enjoy The Ride

Get it from Gruff Beard Records HERE

REVIEW: Broadcaster: Joyride EP

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Long Island’s Broadcaster is here with a self-Released digital EP. It’s kind of a bummer that there’s no physical record or CD for this because it turns out this is a really great EP. It’s a great throwback to the 90’s alt rock sound. If you’re into stuff like The Thermals, Nada Surf, Superchunk and even early Get Up Kids this should be right up your alley. We’ve only got four songs here but I’ll be keeping an eye out for more releases and maybe even an album, this is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard all year.

‘Snow Party’ Things start out with an intro that reminds me a lot of The Get Up Kids and you already know this is going to be a good time.  This song has some whoa oh’s and a little bit of power pop. The song is kind of depressing but I can’t help but feel good listening to it.
‘All Your Friends’ As the title on this one suggests, a song about friends here. It’s another great alt rock pop song that’ll put you in a good mood even if you don’t want it to.
‘Atlantic Sea’ This one is slower than the first two songs, it’s very Superchunk like. It’s one of those songs that makes it seem like you’re just going through the motions of life, but hey, at least you’ve got good music.
‘Vacation Days’ Going out on a high note seems to be the band’s idea. This song has the most energy of them all, and I’m glad to hear it. The EP is bookended with the two best songs.

1. Snow Party
2. All Your Friends
3. Atlantic Sea
4. Vacation Days

Get Joyride from Amazon HERE

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