Fans of indie rock/pop will be happy to hear this self released EP by Family Lumber. Anybody that’s into things like Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, and Pavement will be on board with Family Lumber. We’ve got four three really good songs, and one great one here. Check it out if you’re into this type of thing, you’ll be glad you did.

‘Before I Sleep’ A super relaxing song, this is what I want to listen to if I’m lounging out in a hammock or something on a summer day, or getting high and laying on the couch at night.
‘Everything You Wanted To Say’ A lot of the pop/rock side is shown through on this song; it’s a lot more upbeat with some spring in it. A first rate song for sure.
‘No Worries’ This EP just keeps getting better and better with each song. This one combines the relaxedness of the first song and the up tempo of the second for a song that outshines everything else on here.
‘The Past Is Going To Rule You’ After the last song this one seems like a little of a letdown, but it’s still a good tune. Personally I’d have switched the order up, but that’s ok, it still goes out on a good note.

1. Before I Sleep
2. Everything You Wanted To Say
3. No Worries
4. The Past Is Going To Rule You

Get it from Family Lumber HERE

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