It’s October and Saturday Night Karaoke is back with another great EP. There are a lot of riffs in here that you recognize, or may think you will. Most likely that’s because this is a band that you feel like you’ve been listening to for a long time. That may not be the case, but they are a band you should know. The cover on this thing is pretty goddamn brilliant too, let’s face it, it’s what most dudes that listen to pop punk are doing at night anyway. There’s a fair amount of short songs on this thing, but all of them are real good. If you like pop punk and you weren’t excited for this to come out, you’re doing it wrong.

‘Not FB’ Starting out things in a great way with a super catchy pop punk song that could stand amongst a lot of the great pop punk songs of the 90’s.
‘Indie Rock 101 – How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes’ A really long title but I’ll excuse it because it’s great. But the greatness doesn’t stop there it continues to another awesome song.
‘Raspberry Chupa Chups Forever’ An odd little intro on this one, but it goes into a pretty sweet punk rock intro. It’s a beautifully written song that’s sure to be in my head a lot.
‘So Anyway…’ Just over thirty seconds, this song proves you don’t need anywhere close to a minute to pump out a cool song. It’s got a real fucking weird intro though. But the song kind of is too.
‘Caroline Andersen’ Almost half of this song is intro, but the other half picks up real fast and, well, pop punk. It sounds like it was dipped into an Ergs set before it was recorded, and that’s not a bad thing. I’m not sure who Caroline Andersen is, and I think I’m missing out on something because of that.
‘Spazz Jazz’ One of the more goofy sounding songs from the band, it’s less than twenty seconds so if you don’t have the fun threshold to deal you don’t have to wait long. Damn girls with boyfriends.
‘P.S. I’m Sorry’ This might be my new favorite song by the band…or my second favorite. Needless to say it’s off the charts good. This is one of those cases of a song that’s a real downer lyrically but hidden behind the poppy goodness of the music. I’m a big fan of the contrast. And the background oooooh ohhhh’s.

1. Not FB
2. Indie Rock 101 – How To Melt A Hipster In Less Than 2 Minutes
3. Raspberry Chupa Chups Forever
4. So Anyway…
5. Caroline Andersen
6. Spazz Jazz
7. P.S. I’m Sorry

Get it from Saturday Night Karaoke HERE