REVIEW: Campaign: Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

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Campaign is here with a self released EP that’s pretty damn good. Before I get to the actual music a couple non-music notes. The title of the EP (Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!) might be the best EP title of the year. However the album cover is very much not. A pretty meh band photo with a lot of awful yellow, but that doesn’t really affect the music so who the fuck cares. I’m not sure if I like or hate the fact that all the songs are called ‘Old’ something too. But enough stupid shit, this is a great EP that starts with a lot of good sound and just keeps going. People into things like Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike will probably dig this one. All of these songs are around two minutes so you get a pretty decent bang for your buck. This is the band’s third EP, while I haven’t heard the other EP’s listening to this one makes me want to check out the back catalog. This band is for sure one to keep an eye on, stuff like this is what I wish Hot Water Music was still doing instead of the crap angle they’ve shot into. While the Campaign might not have the same writing style or dual vocals of HWM I feel it’s the best band comparison. Campaign also has a good amount of whoa oh’s thrown in here, which for me is always a plus. People into bearded punk bands, the kind that don’t suck, should check this out one. You won’t be disappointed you did.

1. Old Haunts
2. Old Thrills
3. Old Blues

Get Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! from Amazon HERE

SHOWS I SEEN: Celebrated Summer Turns Five – September 17th 2011 – The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

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The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD
Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Celebrated Summer Turns Five!!
My favorite record store ever turned five; they had an awesome show to celebrate! And cake! It was a full night of awesome bands that I’ve never seen before and fun.

SAMIAM – The first time I’ve seen Samiam, and they totally owned everything. When I wasn’t singing along I was in awe of what was going on in front of me. This is a great example of a band that’s been around many years and is still on top of the game. One of the best sets I’ve seen all year, they played everything I really wanted to hear, and it was incredible.

WALTER SCHREIFELS – Going into this I had no clue what to expect, it was pretty cool though. A single dude with a guitar folk type deal. The set was pretty good, not the best of this stuff I’ve seen but far from the worst.

MEAN JEANS – Never seen the Mean Jeans before but a big fan, I was stoked for this and they brought it. Super fun, high energy, they did not disappoint. I will be seeing the Mean Jeans if I ever get a chance again and again and again.

HOLLYWOOD – I’ve seen Hollywood a few times, they’re a decent band. I missed this set though, I’m sure it was good.

THE SHIRKS – Another band that I hadn’t seen that I was excited for. They opened the show and almost stole it. These dudes were so good they should have been playing right before Samiam instead of first band. If you get the chance to see them, don’t even think about it, just do it. Buy their records too.


DEEP SLEEP – Maybe their last East Coast show due to one member moving to the west coast. They brought it like they always do, high energy, tight performance. The sound upstairs isn’t the best but they made due. It was a good sized crowd and everybody seemed super into this. I hope I still get to see them many more times.

MURDER – Yet another band I’d never seen. Murder was really good though, high energy punk with the old timeless feel. The singer even felt the need to get up on the pool table and roll around; they couldn’t be contained by the beer soaked floor alone!

REVIEW: Handguns: Don’t Bite Your Tongue EP

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Harrisburg, PA’s Handguns are here with an EP from Pure Noise Records. It’s a great little pop punk EP that’s full of a lot of energy and well written and played songs. The production is polished over really well, maybe too well for some people’s taste, but I think it fits right in with the type of sound they have. People into Fireworks, New Found Glory and the Get Up Kids will be into this EP for me. There are seven songs on here, all of them are great, overall it’s a real solid EP, and the last song on here is the real winner of the EP. There’s not a bad song on this thing. Chances are this will be spinning a lot on your turntable or in your CD player.

1. A Year in Review
2. Scream Goodbye
3. Sink Like Lead
4. Beat Excuse
5. Gag Reflex
6. Wait Up
7. I Hope He Kills You

Get Don’t Bite Your Tongue from Amazon HERE

Releases Worth Getting November 15, 2011

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American Restoration: Volume 1
Crime Story: The Complete Series
Evil Dead 2
Infernal Affairs

Armored Saint: Delirious Nomad
The Vladimirs: The Late Hours
The Windowsill: The Windowsill
Voivod: To the Death 84

REVIEW: Rawhide: Branded For Life

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Patac Records brings us this ass kicking rock EP from Sweden’s Rawhide. This is the band’s first 7″, you can get the record, or if you prefer the digital version for whatever price you want. Whatever you choose I highly recommend you get your hands on this. The band has obvious influences of Motorhead, Turbonegro and Zeke. It’s hard fast rock n roll that edges real close to metal but has a lot of punk thrown in too. I imagine Lemmy drinking southern comfort and listening to something like this before he goes on stage to rip through his brand of rock n roll.

‘Out of Track’ You get about a minute and a half of an intro here, but I don’t mind because it’s a pretty great tone setting one with some sweet guitar work. Once the song kicks in it does exactly that, kicks you right in the gut with bold fast rock n fuckin roll. It’s almost a horror punk song, but I couldn’t box it in like that.
‘Branded For Life’ A very fucking heavy Motorhead like intro, past that though it’s very much like an in your face punk song.
‘Through My Eyes’ This might be the best written song on the EP, though that could be because this has the most lyrics of any song. Where the first two songs had some great punk-like repeating course making up most of the song, this is pure metal rock greatness.
‘Sanitarium Blues’ Closing out the EP is the best song; these guys really know how to put things together. This thing goes from great to better all the way through. This is probably the most Motorhead song of them all; I could see the band covering this song without missing a beat.

1. Out of Track
2. Branded For Life
3. Through My Eyes
4. Sanitarium Blues

SHOWS I SEEN: Shonen Knife – October 24th 2011 – The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

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The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

October 24th 2011

Shonen Knife – First time I’ve ever seen Shonen Knife, they were pretty great. The set was a nice span of their songs and they played hard. They did about a thirty minute set, and then came back with leather jackets and did a Ramones set. Shonen Knife was one of the best sets I’ve seen this year.

The Quarantines – This was awesome, the Quarantines set was solid as usual but this was probably the biggest crowd I’ve seen them play for. Everyone seemed really into the band too, which was really great, I guess that’s because it was a Shonen Knife type of crowd.

Plurals - I couldn’t get into this band, it was like a tornado of sound attacking me, and I’m not entirely sure what was going on.

The Degenerettes! – I think I’ve seen this band one other time but I’m not 100% sure. An all girl rock band that was pretty good, I didn’t really care for the vocals though, besides that though they were alright. The band had some energy and seemed to be having fun, which always goes a long way in my book.

REVIEW: No Enemy!: Disagree to Disagree

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Two new songs from Chicago’s No Enemy! This band is good and apparently they just keep getting better. This is only two songs, but that’s plenty to prove that No Enemy! is doing something right. These are two of the best songs from the band, the first one, if I’m not mistaken, has an intro lifted from Modern Family, I highly approve of that. It’s an awesome song to start things off too. But they don’t just give you one good song and phone the other one in. The second song on here is even better than the first. It kicks a whole lotta of punk rock ass. You can grab these songs from the band’s bandcamp page, and I highly recommend you do so.

1. Disagree To Disagree
2. Hard to Believe

Get it from No Enemy! HERE

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