Courtesy of Not Shy Of The DIY comes this 7″ record with four great bands on it. Now I’ll admit I only bought this because it had a Rumspringer song on it, but turns out this is all pretty great stuff. As said I basically bought this for Rumspringer, which means this is my first time even hearing any of the other songs. The Calvinball song is very very Hot Water Music like. I’d say they’re like the bootleg Hot Water Music but this song is better than anything to come from that band in nine years. Next is the Rumspringer song, I’m hoping the title is a ‘Dumb & Dumber’ reference. While it’s not the band’s best song, it’s still damn good. Rumspringer’s throwaway songs are better than a lot of band’s hits. Killer pop punk from the band as always. I can see this song growing on me a lot though because by the third time listening I already know the words. After that is Mayflower, this song is damn good, half way through and I already want more from these guys. If all their songs are this good I’ve just run into a great pop punk band. Finishing off this thing is a The Dauntless Elite song. This is the weakest song on the record, but that being said even this is a real good song. I can do without the slowdown part 2/3 of the way through it, but I’ll let that pass because the rest of the song is a pretty quality punk rock tune.

1. If You’re Buying (Calvinball)
2. Killer Boots, Man (Rumspringer)
3. Open Container (Mayflower)
4. Primark Princess (The Dauntless Elite)