Let me start off by saying this is the most terrifying movie I’ve seen in years. It’s not some horror movie the boogie man is going to get me stuff. No, this is some real life, you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and your chances of surviving are so small you need a microscope to see that slice of the pie chart, terrifying shit. Joe Carnahan, the man behind both Smokin’ Aces movies and the A-Team movie wrote and directed The Grey. It stars resident movie badass Liam Neeson, which is always a sign of good things to come. He’s working in Alaska with an oil drilling team; he’s the guy they hired to kill wolves before they will the workers. The season has come to an end and everyone piles on a plane to go home, that doesn’t last very long. In a truly fucking horrifying scene the plane crashes and most of the people on board die. Now a team of about seven guys get to track through the snow covered fields of Alaska looking at nothing but more snow in hopes that they’ll find some way of saving their own asses before they freeze or starve. To make things worse they encounter a pack of wolves that seems to be tracking them and killing them off one by one throughout the movie. There’s not one single thing these guys have going for them, it’s really the worst of the worst situation you can imagine. The only good thing is knowing that I’m watching a movie about this instead of being out there in the giant snow coffin that these guys seem to be in. The movie, besides being intense and scary on a whole new level is pretty fucking awesome. Liam Neeson from this movie makes the guy he plays in Taken look like a complete puss. My only single complaint about this movie is I wish it was just a little longer. It’s almost two hours long but I could have done with another fifteen minutes of this. I can’t recommend seeing this movie enough, it’s pretty amazingly badass, best movie I’ve seen this year so far.

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