Releases Worth Getting January 24, 2012

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Godzilla (Criterion)
Stir Crazy
House on Sorority Row
Roger Corman’s Cult Classic’s Lethal Ladies Collection, Vol. 2
Morothread: World Is Ours 1 Everything Further Than Everyplace
Flash Point


Girlschool: Hit & Run: Revisited
Primal Fear: Unbreakable
Dion: Tank Full Of Blues

It didn’t take them long – Government Shuts Down MegaUpload

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Fight Back: Government Shuts Down MegaUpload

Unbelievable: After history’s largest online protest, the U.S. Government nonchalantly responds with the middle finger. The Wall Street Journal reports:

The FBI shut down Thursday one of the world’s most popular file-sharing websites,, and announced the arrest of four of the people behind it in a global crackdown against the suspected online pirates.

Here — check it out: If SOPA and PIPA pass it’ll just broaden the government’s power to do things like this: (And make it ILLEGAL for us to link to sites that are seized — like we just did in the last sentence.)

As MegaUpload’s website notes — er… noted: 

The fact is that the vast majority of mega’s Internet traffic is legitimate, and we are here to stay. If the content industry would like to take advantage of our popularity, we are happy to enter into a dialogue.

This is what we’re up against.  Please tell President Obama and your lawmakers to put an end to it. NOW.

STOP PIPA (Senate 968) & SOPA (HR 3261)

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STOP PIPA (Senate 968) & SOPA (HR 3261) 

Imagine a world without craigslist, Wikipedia, Google, [your favorite sites here]…

News Corp, RIAA, MPAA, Nike, Sony, Comcast, VISA & others want to make that world your reality.

80 Members of Congress are in their sway, 30 against, the rest undecided or undeclared.

★ ★ ★ Please take a minute to tell your Members of Congress you OPPOSE PIPA & SOPA ★ ★ ★


Saturday Night Karaoke 2009-2011

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It’s been a pretty shitty couple of months with the Transgressions and the Prozacs calling it quits, then Lookout Records finally closing. The bad news for the pop punk community doesn’t stop there; Saturday Night Karaoke is now also calling it a day. A great Ergs-esq band, we got a few EP’s out of them that were really good, but never an album. They will be missed but hopefully we’ll see some great post Saturday Night Karaoke bands emerging soon that are just as good.

Lookout Records 1987-2012

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One of the most predominate pop punk labels around has finally closed its doors this year after twenty five years of business. Lookout was started by Larry Livermore and David Hayes to released punk records, they didn’t strictly stick to that but it is still what they’re most known for. They’ve had many problems in the past with labels pulling their songs and Larry Livermore leaving the label but they still stand as maybe the best pop punk record label to ever exist. The label has released material by tons of noteworthy bands such as Alkaline Trio, Avail, The Bomb Bassets, The Crumbs, The Donnas, Dr. Frank, Even in Blackouts, The Eyeliners, Fifteen, Go Sailor, Green Day, The Groovie Ghoulies, The Hi-Fives, The Lillingtons, The Mopes, The Mr. T Experience, Operation Ivy, Pansy Division, Ben Weasel, Boris the Sprinkler, Born Against, Crimpshrine, Parasites, Pinhead Gunpowder, The Riverdales, Samiam, Screeching Weasel, Squirtgun, Sweet Baby, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, The Queers, Rancid, and The Zero Boys. If you like punk music at all chances are you know Lookout Records and even if you still don’t, you loved them at some point. Despite what has happened to the label in recent years it’s still a sad day now that they have finally closed up shop.

REVIEW: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good spy flick so I was pretty happy when I saw the trailer for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. And when I saw it had Gary Oldman I was totally sold. What I didn’t know is it had a strong cast through the whole movie, during the opening credits I was just getting even more excited for what was ahead. Based on a novel by John le Carré it’s the story of a retired intelgance man trying to find a mole within British Intelengence. There’s plenty of flashbacks as a good part of this takes place in the 70’s, that part of the movie looks espically remarkable but it also ties together real well with the present day stuff. You really don’t realize how much this movie is sucking you in as your watching it, at one point I realised I was hunched over in the theater with my elbows on my knees totally enthrawed with what was going on. It’s a solid spy movie, but it’s not one of the elete great ones, I can’t really place it but it’s missing something. But reguardless it’s a really good movie, anyone that’s into mysteries and spy stories will be totally into this movie.

Get Tinker, Tailor Soldier, Spy from Amazon HERE

Candy Hearts Tour Dates

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Candy Hearts are doing a tour with Man Overboard

Feb. 15 – Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
Feb. 16 – Richmond, VA @ Kingdom
Feb. 17 – Columbia, SC @ New Brookland Tavern
Feb. 19 – Tampa, FL @ Transitions
Feb. 20 – Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit
Feb. 21 – Pembroke Pines, FL @ The Talent Farm
Feb. 22 – Winter Park, FL (Orlando) @ The Haven
Feb. 24 – Houston, TX @ Walter’s
Feb. 25 – Dallas, TX @ Cambridge Room
Feb. 26 – Midland, TX @ The Pine Box

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