Saturday Night Karaoke un-broken up!!

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Just a real quick update here, there’s been some real good news, it looks like Saturday Night Karaoke has decided to not break up!

Hopefully they can one day play Insub Fest.


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Insubordination Fest is just about my favorite time of year. A few days of fun and pop punk is a great way to start the summer. They just announced the lineup, and here it is (complete with links in case you’re unfamiliar with some of the bands)

June 21 – 23
The Ottobar
Baltimore MD

Be My Doppelganger
Beatnik Termites
Billy Raygun
Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits
Candy Hearts
City Mouse
Dan Vapid and the Cheats
Dear Landlord
Emily’s Army
Fatal Flaw
House Boat
Lipstick Homicide
Mean Jeans
Mikey Erg
Night Birds
Plow United
Slow Death
Teenage Bottlerocket
Weekend Dads


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03.02 – The Sports Page – Huntsville, AL
03.03 – JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
03.04 – The Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
03.05 – The Get Down – Asheville, NC
03.06 – The Casbah – Durham, NC
03.07 – The Nile – Richmond, VA
03.08 – Golden West Cafe – Baltimore, MD
03.09 – The Record Collector – Bordentown, NJ
03.10 – The Charleston – Brooklyn, NY
03.11 – The Brighton Bar – Long Branch, NJ
03.12 – The Lone Wolf – Brooklyn, NY
03.13 – Hank’s Saloon – Brooklyn, NY
03.16 – Controsenso – Prato, Italy
03.17 – Senhor Do Bonfim – Genova, Italy
03.18 – Ungawa Tiki Bar – Bergantino, Italy
03.19 – 03.20 – TBA
03.21 – The Circus – Luzern, Switzerland
03.22 – Blaue Salon – Tubingen, Germany
03.23 – Kradhalle – Ulm, Germany
03.24 – CPCR – Liege, Belgium
03.25 – Trefpunt VZW – Ghent, Belgium
03.26 – 03.27 – TBA
03.28 – Le Bateu Ivre – Mons, Belgium
03.29 – Pinky Bar – Mommay, France
03.30 – Ruigoord – Amsterdam, Holland
03.31 – Villa Friekens – Amsterdam, Holland
04.01 – ADM – Amsterdam, Holland
04.02 – 04.05 – TBA
04.06 – Pacific Parc – Amsterdam, Holland
04.07 – 04.09 – TBA
04.10 – Oli – Magdeburg, Germany
04.11 – CCCP – Berlin, Germany
04.12 – AJZ – Bielefeld, Germany
04.13 – 04.17 – TBA
04.18 – QBA Sonic Alchemies – Alessandria, Italy
04.19 – Honky Tonk – Seregno, Italy
04.20 – TBA
04.21 – Surfer Joe’s Diner – Livorno, Italy
04.22 – TBA

REVIEW: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

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First let me get the standard comic book/first movie stuff out of the way by saying I like the comic character of Ghost Rider but I’ve always through the comics weren’t that good. And with that knowledge I did like the first movie, I thought it was about as good as they could do given the source material. Fast forward five years and we get a sequel, which surprised me because most people seemed to have hated the first one. It turns out this new movie is pretty fucking awful. First let’s start with Nicolas Cage. A lot of people complained that he was too old the first time around, and that he’s not a good actor and all that. I think Nick Cage can be a really good actor when he wants to be, he can also be a dumb cheesy one when he wants to, and he really turns up the cheese in this, like way past the red. The age thing didn’t bother me the first time around but it’s been a few more years and a few more bad movies and it’s pretty apparent now that he is too old to be playing Johnny Blaze, its true and it really sticks out in this movie. The next big problem is the direction in the movie. I guess they decided they couldn’t make a good Ghost Rider movie so they may as well make an over the top cheesy one, or attempt to. A lot of the movie seems like it’s trying to be like the Crank movies, which makes sense because it’s the same director as those movies. I didn’t care for the Crank movies because I thought they were too over the top and cartoony, Ghost Rider seems to go for that but pulls it back too much so it’s like a poor imitation. It goes over the top to the point to fuck things up but not far enough to make the movie fun. Another problem is the basic story. There’s a child that’s the son of Satan that forces of evil are trying to get so the big guy can have a new body, his mother and a lot of people on the side of God are not too cool with this idea so they are trying to protect the child. It’s kind of ‘The Golden Child’ meets ‘Terminator 2′, which comes really close to turning into nap time for me. There seems to be no real redeemable qualities to the movie, I mean the effects of the rider look great and all but one affect can’t redeem an entire shitty movie. And while I’m on it there’s the scene where Johnny makes the deal with the devil that they keep flashing back to about five thousand times, and it’s not even the same way as in the first movie. This whole movie is just a giant waste of time for everyone involved, the film makers and the viewers. Another giant failure of a comic book movie.

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REVIEW: Safe House

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I was mostly pretty excited to see this movie; it’d been a good while since I’ve seen this type of action movie. The only problem I predicted by the trailers was Ryan Reynolds, I’m not too sold on him as an action movie star, but that crack only shined through a couple times, though most of the movie Reynolds holds it up because he actually is a damn good actor. The man really at the center of the movie though is Denzel Washington, he’s one of the greatest actors of the era and he’s always a badass when he’s in an action movie. And as an added bonus Robert Patrick is even in here for a little bit. Onto the actual movie though, Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is a traitor to the nation, and pretty much every other intelligence agency in the world. An ex-CIA man that started selling off secrets to the highest bidder. Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds) is a man that works at a safe house where Tobin is brought to once he is captured. Some shit goes down and Matt has to take Tobin on the run. The rest of it is you’re pretty standard fair action movie, and it does have some great action scenes. Awesome fights, cool car chases, some shootouts, you won’t be bored watching this. There’s also a lot of cloak and dagger stuff in here being a movie centered on the CIA, most of that is where the movie falls short. The twists are pretty lame, and the ending is kind of weak too. But the action really makes up for any other area the movie might be lacking in. If you’re a fan of the espionage action movies you’ll definitely want to see Safe House.

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