Breakout is the new EP from The Zits, it’s their seventh release to date, and it’s one of the bands most different releases so far. Gone is the bubblegum pop punk and surf rock, all that has been replaced with the harder style of bands like Black Flag. You can still hear the Screeching Weasel and Queers influence shine through but now it’s the early days of those bands. Just because things are different doesn’t mean they’re bad, we still get four great songs from the band, which is more than you get out of some bands (especially the ones doing this style today). Heath is still doing all the work on this one, basically your one man band of punk rock, which is pretty damn impressive with the sound he gets out of this. Anybody that’s into the sounds of early punk rock and very early pop punk should get on this one; chances are you’ll be into it.

‘Bloody Knuckles In Loserville’ The longest song on the EP, it’s almost three minutes but it still fly’s by pretty quickly. Lyrically it’s a pretty angry song which reminds me a bit of some of the songs off of ‘Everything Sucks’.
‘Teenage Fatass’ You might be able to guess the content of the song from the title. I feel like I’ve heard this one before but it’s still pretty great. It’s been stuck in my head for three days now.
‘Black Sheep In The Family’ If the self titled Screeching Weasel album and the early of Black Flag collided; I think it’d sound something like this. Lots of anger, more than a few fuck you’s and still a structure that you’ll be sure to remember.
‘Choking On The System’ The intro on this is some straight outta hardcore stuff I don’t really care for the opening riff in the first nine seconds but past that you get a pretty rad punk rock anthem to close out the Zit’s newest EP.

1. Bloody Knuckles In Loserville
2. Teenage Fatass
3. Black Sheep In The Family
4. Choking On The System

Get it from The Zits HERE