Swamp Cabbage Records gives us this split by Caffiends and Rock ‘n’ Roll Television. Let’s just get my first complaint out of the way here, why do we only get a CD version of this guys? I’d really like an LP for this one. But that’s petty, as I’m sure everyone that just read that already realized, and probably stopped reading right there. Anyway onto the good stuff. Before you even listen to this you’ll probably notice the cover, it’s pretty fucking great. Mickey Mouse is apparently not a very tuff hockey player. If I wasn’t sold on this by the Caffiends already I’d have bought this thing just based on the CD cover. As far as what’s on the inside, there’s a lot of great stuff, as I just mentioned I bought this for the Caffiends, I had no idea who Rock ‘n’ Roll Television was before this, but after listening I wanted more. The first six songs are from Florida’s Caffiends, don’t let the fact that they’re from Florida scare you off. The Caffiends aren’t a bunch of beardos (well maybe I don’t know what they look like) playing that same Gainesville stuff. Their game is more straight up pop punk, think Beatnik Termites (they even did a BT cover somewhere along the line, but not on here). They have six songs that are pretty standard pop punk tunes but with a varying edge on them. It kind of shows you the different type of things the band can pump out without going off the path. They’ve got a couple of songs that are your pretty standard Beatnik Termites/MTX/Lookout Records style. They’ve also got a really short Teenage Bottlerocket type song, and one that sounds a lot like a 3 Prong Outlet song. All their songs are really short so it doesn’t take too long for them to fly by. Rock ‘n’ Roll Television are from way up north, Canada side, as far as Canada goes they’ve got a great track record as far as pumping out great punk bands and this one is no exception. All of their songs are much longer, but that doesn’t make it a chore to listen to, they’re all pretty short still. Six pop punk songs averaging around two minutes. The songs on this side of the split sound more similar to each other without varying much, there’s some keyboards it sounds like in a few of them and some surf thrown in a bit all of them are real good. If you saw my year end lists for 2011 you saw this made it in the top ten splits, it’s a great CD and one you need to have.

1. Step It Up
2. Bloodstained Eyes
3. Danni Is A Bike Punk
4. Fight Team, Fight
6. Excluded By You

Rock ‘N’ Roll Television
7. I’m Alright
8. I Hate Bobby
9. Loosin My Mind
10. Sick of You
11. Skinny Joe
12. See You In Class