REVIEW: Magneto: Not a Hero

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Magneto: Not a Hero is a four part mini series that ran from 2011 to 2012. I enjoyed it but honestly it did seem kind of pointless. Some bad stuff is going down and everyone but the X-Men are blaming Magneto because of his evil past. He claims he’s innocent but no one believes him. Anyway Cyclops stalls for time while he lets Magneto try to take care of things. Turns out it’s Joseph back from the dead (which really seems to be the whole reason for this thing), Joseph is back and he’s real bad. He’s taken the place of mutant villain that Magneto left when he changed sides. There are some pretty cool Magneto/Joseph fights in this thing, that’s pretty much the highlight of the series. Even though not a lot happens it’s still a good read, I never found myself bored with it even when there’s a lot of sitting around a table and talking. I can see a lot of people being bored with this but any X-Men fan should be into it.

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REVIEW: Diarrhea Planet: Aloha!

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I know what you’re thinking, Diarrhea Planet? Really? That’s their name? I can’t say I endorse the name, but I can get behind the band. What you get out of Aloha! is five fucking great punk garage songs. All five of these are hits, though admittedly it does start off with the weakest song. The high point is right in the middle ‘Ghost With A Boner’ is not only a ridiculous title but it’s a pretty incredible song. Diarrhea Planet might not be for everyone but people who like garage rock, or even bands like Wavves will most likely be into this.

1. Power Moves
2. Get Stimulated
3. Ghost With A Boner
4. Coral Beard Harris
5. Where Were You?

REVIEW: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

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Jason Segel is a pothead that seems to be obsessed with the movie Signs and his destiny in general. Ed Helms is his douche bag brother who thinks he has life together but actually has a pretty shitty and failing marriage. Going into this I figured it would be about 3/4 comedy and 1/4 drama, with these two in the lead rules who wouldn’t think that upon first glance. It turns out it was a total switch, the movie was about 3/4 drama and 1/4 comedy and both of these guys pull it off perfectly. Not to mention Susan Sarandon, the woman who plays their mother, she has a pretty decent sized roll and is great as well. Ed Helms and Jason Segel are primarily known for their comedy work. Ed Helms most notably from the Office. And Jason Segal, well I will see any comedy with Jason Segal, no questions asked. But after seeing this movie I think I’ll have to change that to, I’ll see anything with Jason Segal, no questions asked. He completely owns this movie. I really think Jason Segel is showing signs that he could be one of the best actors of his generation, the man is so underappreciated. I love him in comedy roles, he’s a funny dude, he hasn’t really gotten a chance to show that he can do more than that but I think this movie really proves it. He brings to full force just glances that we’ve gotten before. Behind the scenes Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass wrote and directed this movie, these are a couple of two guys where their careers basically consist of movies I’ve wanted to see but have never actually gotten around to watching. I think I’ll have to make it a point to change that. In closing here, you won’t be laughing the whole way through Jeff, Who Lives at Home, but you will see one hell of a movie. It’s one of the best I’ve seen this year.

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REVIEW: Perfect Teeth: Perfect Match/Issue #0

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Perfect Teeth is a comic song combo that comes from some people that you probably know.
The song is pretty great, it’s got Jon Snodgrass on vocals and it’s not quite like anything he’s done before yet it’s not a far cry either. However I guess that makes sense since if you take a look at the band. The song was written by Vinnie Fiorello from Less Than Jake, but the band itself is Stephen Egerton of the Descendents on guitar, bass and drums, Jon Snodgrass of Drag The River/Armchair Martian on vocals and guitar, so as you might imagine, this should be great just based on that. Best thing I can say is if you’re a Snodgrass/Drag The River/Armchair Martian fan be sure to check this out. Even if you’re not familiar with Jon or any of those bands, think along the lines of the Descendents family tree to get a good foothold of what you’re getting into. I really dig this; I hope there’s an album in the works.
The comic part is a free digital download you can get from Paper and Plastick’s website. The comic written by Vinnie Fiorello from Less Than Jake and Matt Anderson, and drawn by Peter Wonsowski and Matt Jordan. Idea behind this collaboration is that the song you’re hearing is the real life version of the band in the comic. I like the art in here, the style seems to change slightly even though this thing is only twenty pages. In the comic there are ‘monster invasion’ bands, similar to the ‘British Invasion’ of old, but with bands formed by actual monsters. The movement seems to be started accidently by Nick Payne, not a real vampire, but his success sent record executives to start making frequent visits to monster venues. Turns out the real monsters don’t like Nick too much, but there was a band, Perfect Teeth, they had a number one hit with ‘Perfect Match’ (the song that came streaming with this). With real monster bands like Perfect Teeth having hits the fakes like Nick Payne pretty much fell off everyone’s radar. Most of the comic takes place in an interview with the lead singer of Perfect Teeth and Nick Payne. I’m not sure how strong the set of legs would be on this if it was actually a series, it could probably run as a mini-series through. I liked this way more than I expected to, it was a pretty quick and easy read, and I think that’s more of a credit to the writing than anything else. Check this out if you get a chance, it’s a pretty good way to spend a few minutes.
With a side note my small and weird complaint is the format. The comic download is a pdf, which makes sense, it’s probably the easiest and most widely used format for something like this, chances are it’s the way I’d have released it. But having it as a cbr or cbz would have made it so much better on my tablet.

If anyone knows where I can get an actual download of this song let me know. This whole stream thing isn’t cutting it for my life.

REVIEW: 21 Jump Street

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Alright, let me get this out of the way first, I never really liked or watched much of the 21 Jump Street TV show. I watched it a bit when I was younger, didn’t care for it and haven’t revisited it. But that doesn’t matter much because they’ve pulled a Dragnet with the 21 Jump Street movie and made it into a total comedy. We’ve got Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in the lead roles. Everybody knows Jonah Hill from, well a ton of great comedies the past five years or so. The guy most people seemed to be down on is Channing Tatum, he’s not exactly known for comedies, or good movies in general, but I was willing to give him a shot without passing judgment. Both have top quality performances in this movie and they work great as a team. No question these guys together is what makes this movie work. Though they also have a great supporting cast. Brie Larson, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle, Chris Parnell, and my personal favorite of the supporting players, Ice Cube. All of these people just own this movie in their own way. Everything in here comes together to make this a great comedy. I know it’s only March but this is by far the funniest movie I’ve seen all year. Hell I went and saw it twice and it was till hilarious the second time around.

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I know posts have been sporadic at best but soon (next week or so) we will back up and running at the very least semi-regularly. The past couple weeks we’ve been stockpiling reviews so we can post updates on a more regular schedule.

Brick Mower/Spraynard/Rational Anthem Tour dates (3 different tours!)

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Brick Mower
4/11- Asbury Park, NJ- Asbury Lanes
4/12- Brooklyn, NY- The Charleston
4/13- York, PA- The Depot
4/14- Cleveland, OH- Dag House
4/15- Detroit, MI- The Painted Lady
4/16- Milwaukee, WI- Ground Zero
4/17- Chicago, IL- Township (formerly Pancho’s)
4/18- Cincinnati, OH- TBA
4/19- Columbus, OH- 15th House
4/20- Huntington WV- TBA
4/21- Pittsburgh, PA- Kopec’s

March 24 – Boston, MA @ Smash It Dead Fest
March 25 – Lowell, MA @ The Ant Cellar w/ Paul Baribeau
March 26 – Portland, ME @ 131washington w/ Paul Baribeau
March 27 – Burlington, VT @ 242 Main w/ Paul Baribeau
March 28 – Plattsburgh, NY @ ROTA Gallery w/ Paul Baribeau
March 29 – Toronto, Canada @ NCJT Records w/ Paul Baribeau
March 30 – St. Catherine’s, Canada @ The Mansion House w/ Paul Baribeau
March 31 – Kalamazoo, MI @ The Fat Guy House w/ Paul Baribeau
April 1 – Chicago, IL @ The Juicer w/ Paul Baribeau
April 2 – Bloomington, IN @ WIUX w/ Paul Baribeau
April 3 – Indianapolis, IN @ Vibes Records
April 4 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto Project
April 5 – Erie, PA @ Basement Transmissions
April 6 – Scranton, PA @ TBA
April 7 – Keene, NH @ Get Better Fest
April 8 – Wilmantic, CT @ The Handsome Woman w/ Timeshares
April 9 – New Paltz, NY @ TBA w/ Timeshares
April 10 – West Chester, PA @ My Parents’ House w/ Timeshares
April 11 – Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Artspace (Benefit for TurnAround) w/ Timeshares
April 12 – Washington, D.C. @ TBA w/ Timeshares
April 13 – Richmond, VA @ Stay Sweet Fest

Rational Anthem “Playful Secrets Tour 2012″
A lot of these shows are already in the works but if you would wanna help out that would rule

16th Orlando FL @ Uncle Lou’s
17th Gainesville FL
18th Charleston SC
19th Greensboro NC
20th Richmond VA
21-23rd Baltimore MD Insubordination Fest
24th Philadelphia PA
25th New Brunswick NJ
26, 27th NYC
28th Boston MA
29,30th Dover NH
1st Rochester NY
2nd Pittsburgh PA
3rd Cleveland OH
4,5th Columbus OH
6th Cincinnati OH
7th Indianapolis IN
8th Kalamazoo MI
9th Chicago IL
10th Carbondale IL
11th Madison WI
12th Milwaukee WI
13th Sheboygan WI
14,15th Minocqua WI
16th Duluth MN
17th Minneapolis MN
18th Fargo ND
19th Sioux Falls SD
20th Omaha NE
21st Iowa City IA
22nd Kansas City MO
23rd Evansville IN
24th Lexington KY
25th Knoxville TN
26th Ashville NC
27th Chattanooga TN
28th Nashville TN
29th Memphis TN
30th Jackson MS
31st Mobile AL
1st Pensacola FL
2nd Tallahassee FL
3rd Tampa FL

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