Chronicle, movie that had so much potential, but really just pissed it all away. I was really looking forward to seeing Chronicle but ended up hating it, I was actually debating taking a nap during the movie at one point. You’ve got three kids in high school that get telekinetic powers after finding this giant rock thing in a cave one day. As they use the powers more and more they get stronger, one turns villainous. That’s pretty much the plot, which is also all the information you got from the trailer. Speaking of the trailer, almost everything in the trailer happens in the first twenty minutes or so of the movie, that’s almost always a bad sign. Telekinesis is my favorite power, and I’m a big comic nerd so I figured even if they tried to fuck this up, it would most likely still turn out fun, too bad I was wrong. Almost the whole movie is down with the handheld cam thing, which I hate and the CG was pretty terrible. Every time something was floating it looked really cartoony. I’ve seen better affects in commercials. The main characters left a lot to be desired too, I hated everyone in this movie except Steve, he was the only guy that had any sort of real screen presence, but at the same time it made the least amount of sense for him to be in the group. The group was thrown together and made no real sense; these people wouldn’t have actually been friends. One was a complete douche bag, one was a total bitch that I actually wish got picked on and bullied even more than he did and one was the super popular guy who wouldn’t have been hanging out with these losers. Granted Matt and Andrew (douche and loser) were related, but they even admit they didn’t like each other until they got powers. The whole part of Andrew turning evil is pretty poorly handled too. What would have made sense is if he starts slowly on the path of evil as a way to save his sick mother (which they do touch on, but it’s way too little too late). What actually happened was ‘boo hoo hoo I have no friends so screw everybody’, the reason this is flawed at best is because once he has powers he’s popular and liked. The whole movie is a complete wash, just save your money and avoid it, no matter how cool you might think it’ll be its not.

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