Jason Segel is a pothead that seems to be obsessed with the movie Signs and his destiny in general. Ed Helms is his douche bag brother who thinks he has life together but actually has a pretty shitty and failing marriage. Going into this I figured it would be about 3/4 comedy and 1/4 drama, with these two in the lead rules who wouldn’t think that upon first glance. It turns out it was a total switch, the movie was about 3/4 drama and 1/4 comedy and both of these guys pull it off perfectly. Not to mention Susan Sarandon, the woman who plays their mother, she has a pretty decent sized roll and is great as well. Ed Helms and Jason Segel are primarily known for their comedy work. Ed Helms most notably from the Office. And Jason Segal, well I will see any comedy with Jason Segal, no questions asked. But after seeing this movie I think I’ll have to change that to, I’ll see anything with Jason Segal, no questions asked. He completely owns this movie. I really think Jason Segel is showing signs that he could be one of the best actors of his generation, the man is so underappreciated. I love him in comedy roles, he’s a funny dude, he hasn’t really gotten a chance to show that he can do more than that but I think this movie really proves it. He brings to full force just glances that we’ve gotten before. Behind the scenes Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass wrote and directed this movie, these are a couple of two guys where their careers basically consist of movies I’ve wanted to see but have never actually gotten around to watching. I think I’ll have to make it a point to change that. In closing here, you won’t be laughing the whole way through Jeff, Who Lives at Home, but you will see one hell of a movie. It’s one of the best I’ve seen this year.

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