Magneto: Not a Hero is a four part mini series that ran from 2011 to 2012. I enjoyed it but honestly it did seem kind of pointless. Some bad stuff is going down and everyone but the X-Men are blaming Magneto because of his evil past. He claims he’s innocent but no one believes him. Anyway Cyclops stalls for time while he lets Magneto try to take care of things. Turns out it’s Joseph back from the dead (which really seems to be the whole reason for this thing), Joseph is back and he’s real bad. He’s taken the place of mutant villain that Magneto left when he changed sides. There are some pretty cool Magneto/Joseph fights in this thing, that’s pretty much the highlight of the series. Even though not a lot happens it’s still a good read, I never found myself bored with it even when there’s a lot of sitting around a table and talking. I can see a lot of people being bored with this but any X-Men fan should be into it.

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