Sundials Tour Dates + more

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Sundials are recording a new LP next week, it’s coming out later this year on Asian Man Records. A second Sundials/Spraynard split on Evil Weevil is in the works as well.

Wednesday, May 16    Richmond, VA    Haus Addy w/ Spraynard, Worn In Red, Hold Tight
Thursday, May 17    Washington, DC     Ras Hall w/ Hop Along, Good Luck and Spoonboy
Friday, May 18     Brookhaven, NY     Shitfuckedhouse w/ Wax Phantom
Saturday, May 19     Boston, MA     What We Talk About When We Talk About Us
Monday, May 21     Portland ME     Dirigmus Warehouse
Tuesday, May 22     Portsmouth NH     Ezra’s Garage w/ Billy Raygun
Wednesday, May 23     Burlington, VT     TBA
Thursday May 24th     Willimantic CT     Handsome Woman
Friday May 25th     New York City, NY     Hi 5 Bar
Saturday May 26th     New Brunswick, NJ     TBA
Sunday May 27th     Philadelphia, PA     TBA w/ Spraynard

Releases Worth Getting April 29, 2012

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The Grey
Mean Jeans: On Mars


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As with most of Jason Statham’s movies what you get in Safe is nothing new. Tough dude protects little girl, some organized crime and dirty cops are involved. You’ve seen this movie many times over, but luckily no one goes to Jason Statham movies for originality, and if you say you do, you’re a goddamn liar. What people do go for is the ridiculous action, there was a bit of that, though not as much as I’d have liked, but I can’t complain a lot when somebody gets German suplexed through a table. As far as Statham movies go this one was pretty tame, almost ho-hum, it felt like it took forever to get going too. I’m all for the buildup of a movie, if it’s needed, but with these dumb action flicks you expect thin plot, lots of fights. What we got was what seemed like two hours of setup, and average action. Even the big show down at the end got totally screwed, though I suspect that is in large part due to the fact that as much as they’d like to push it Jason Statham isn’t really a fighter who can pull off a good long awesome fight. My biggest problem with this movie is the absolute shit directing. I don’t know who told Boaz Yakin he could direct action, but they fucking lied to everybody. Between the needless camera shakes and the completely arbitrary quick zooms it was hard to tell whatever the hell was even going on. Add to that the ‘cool’ trick shots he tried to do, like the shot from a car’s rearview mirror, and didn’t have the talent to pull off, you’ve got a movie that makes it’s really hard to not be distracted by everything while you’re watching it. As far as action movies go though, even with all of the flaws in ‘Safe’ it was pretty entertaining, and I mean that marginally. If you’re going to check this one out I’d wait till it’s on TV for free.

Get Safe from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Ivy League: Ivy League

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This is a great punk EP that will appeal to pretty much all spectrums of the punk rock sub-genre’s from pop punk to hardcore. They remind me of something that could fit right next to the Shook Ones or Like Bats. It’s pretty clear the band isn’t full of a bunch of kids that just listen to hardcore, which is a great thing. They seem to pull a little from every branch of punk to fill out their sound. For some reason I wasn’t too into this the first time I listened to it, but after a second I was all on board, and since then there have been many times that it’s passed through my ears. People into the above mentioned Shook Ones, or Like Bats and the yet to be mentioned Lifetime should be all over this.

1. Daily
2. Les Incompetent
3. Jaded
4. It’s Only Temporary

Get it from Ivy League HERE

REVIEW: Kill Your Boyfriend

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Grant Morrison takes us on a dark little adventure in Kill Your Boyfriend, a one-shot title that’s about seventy pages tells the story of a school girl whose life quickly goes out of whack. She meets this bad boy and they start breaking the law, mostly because they’re just bored. Things get out of hand fast, even though this book is from 1995 I liked the ending so much I won’t spoil it for you. This reminded me a lot of something like Natural Born Killers, not that it’s a comic version of that or anything but it’s got the same out of whack doing bad shit for fun tone to it. I enjoyed this a lot and if you like your love stories with a very dark sense of humor you’ll probably get some fun out of this one.

Get Kill Your Boyfriend from Amazon HERE

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