Kclingers Tavern – Hanover, PA

Friday, March 16nd, 2012

Barecat – My second time seeing Barecat, they’re a good late 90’s type pop punk band. I wish I’d get more chances to see them play because both times they’ve been really good. Keep an eye on these guys, there’s good things coming out of this band.

Sick Sick Birds – One of the best, if not the best melodic post-punk bands going today. They were tight as always, they’ve had a little lineup tweak since the last time I saw them, and maybe even better somehow. They had a pretty good spread of songs from their catalog, including some stuff off of the new album, which if you don’t have or haven’t heard yet you need to change that. It’s crazy good.

Kid Pa – Kid Pa opened the show before, I’d never heard these guys before but I enjoyed their set. They seemed like some late 90’s/early 00’s style of punk.