Like horror movies? Like pop punk? You’ll most likely like the Hitchcocks. As you can tell from the name, they get it right at step one. Most of their songs are horror based; they’re like the pop punk Misfits, without the falling apart and turning to shit part. Here is their 2010 album from Making Believe Records. It’s got lucky number thirteen songs of their own and they also add in a Teenage Bottlerocket cover (A Bomb), which they do very well. I’ve gotta give the edge to TBR still having the better version of the song but The Hitchcocks really give them a run for their money. If you wish the Misfits were a pop punk band then The Hitchcocks is the band for you, and Blood Will Follow is a great place to start with them. I mean how could it not be with an opening track called ‘Werewolf’?

1. Werewolf
2. The Fallen Ones
3. Lust For Blood
4. Cold Blooded Killers
5. Renegade
6. Rise From The Dead
7. House Of The Dead
8. Radioactive
9. Space Invaders
10. A Bomb
11. Dead To Me
12. Blood Will Follow
13. U.F.O.
14. Locked And Loaded

Get it from Making Believe Records HERE