Ridgemount is a punk rock band; this is their demo from 2010. It’s got four songs chopped full of punk rock goodness. This is clearly a demo, which I say due to the quality of the recordings. They’re not bad but they’re demo quality is all. If you’re tired of punk bands being part of all these different sub-genre’s and want your punk rock to sound like punk rock then Ridgemount is what you’re searching for.

‘Downtown Shut Out’ You’re standard punk song, and by that I don’t mean it as an insult. More along the lines of this is what I think of when I think punk rock. All the way through its punk rock to the core.
‘Thick As Thieves’ We’ve got a kind of slow/weird into on this one that I don’t really care of, but that’s ok because it doesn’t last too long. After just a big Ridgemont slips into that punk sound that I love oh so much. They also have a good display of what I assume are two vocalists here.
‘Intellectuals Anonymous’ Again with the odd intro on this song, though this intro seems like something that would be at the start of a Blink-182 song. The intro is actually way more than that; it lasts about half the song until the punk rock kicks in. This is by far the weakest song on here; I’d say it’s about average as far as punk songs go.
‘Science And The Founding Fathers’ Closing things out is the best song out of the four. It’s fast, its fun, and it’s everything I love. They do an acoustic version of this along with some other songs later on down the line, but I think this is the clearly soupier version of the song.

1. Downtown Shut Out
2. Thick As Thieves
3. Intellectuals Anonymous
4. Science And The Founding Fathers

Get it from Ridgemont HERE