I like action movies, I love martial arts movies, but rarely does one come along that just leaves me blown away. It’s been seven years since ‘Tom yum goong’ did that so I was ready to be wowed again. Well The Raid: Redemption did not disappoint. Gareth Evans wrote and directed this and it stars a bunch of guys who I’d like to see get their own movies. Basically what we’ve got here is a task force comes down on an apartment building which is controlled by a crime lord, their object is to put a giant dent on crime in the region by arresting as many baddies as they can and take down the big man. Shit goes wrong pretty quickly and they find themselves in a fight for their lives. As many action movies, there’s not a real intricate plot, but there’s a few twists that I won’t give away here, instead I’ll focus on the meat of the movie, the action. This has some of the best fight scenes I’ve seen in years. Cops vs apartment gangs with machetes, amazing hand to hand fights, with crazy throws everywhere, and some of the best martial arts with guns moves I’ve ever seen. The movie is pretty violent to say the least, though it’s not a total gore fest, there’s plenty of cringe moments, and there is for sure lots of shots to the heads shows, but they also know you can’t just throw gore at people all the time or it’ll get boring, so there’s plenty of cuts that let your brain do the effects work for you. There’s great use of the various floors of the building along with pretty much anything they can find, I think during the entire movie there’s maybe three minutes where there isn’t something happening. There was one fight in particular I almost gave a standing ovation to right in the middle of the theater. I’m glad to see the success of this movie hasn’t gone unnoticed. The original title of this was simply The Raid, but you may have noticed it was changed and added the Redemption part. This is due to the fact that we are now going to get a trilogy, which I’m thrilled about. However success isn’t always all good, even though the movie is pretty new they’re already attempting to do a U.S. remake, which I am not so thrilled about. If you like action and martial arts movies this is a total must see for you. Fans of Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa sink your teeth into the Raid as soon as possible.

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