Colder Days is the album by Ridgemont, it’s out on Mindless Records, Kiss of Death Records, and Mission Social Club and I’d recommend you get yourself a copy. They’ve got fourteen punk rock songs that will fill the void you’ve had empty in your punk rock heart for a long time. They don’t try to mess around and get too fancy; they just give you some quality punk rock songs to fill your ears with. The only thing I’d heard from this band previously was their demo and I’ve gotta say they’ve improved immensely from that demo. The band is tighter, but hasn’t lost that core that makes me like them so much, the songs are better and there’s plenty more of them to like. Over all these guys sound like they’ve gotten their act together more than they had on the demo but the sounds still sound like they’re just having fun playing them, and that definitely transitions to you having fun listening to them. The songs on this album sound like they’d be great to hear live; every one of them has that two minute party feel. I think things are simple with Ridgemont, if you like punk; you should give this album a listen.

1. No Cream, No Sugar
2. Origins & Endings
3. Dissociated
4. John Cusack, Eat Your Heart Out
5. What Kind of Fucking Family…?
6. Stop Breaking the Law, Asshole
7. Dopes and Schemes
8. Oh, Fishsticks!
9. 8 Hopewell Road
10. Dumpster Chuck
11. Some Little ‘filly’ Break Your Heart?
12. Heads: Boston, Tails: Boulder
13. Bass Chords Would Work Well Here
14. The Fucking Basement Flooded

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