No Motiv hasn’t exactly been active recently; in fact this is the bands first release in about eight years. With that long of a hiatus I know I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, especially since No Motiv has been a band that’s been pretty hit or miss for me. I’d like to say they came back with a vengeance releasing something totally great with Winterlong. Unfortunately I can’t quite do that, Winterlong is pretty much like the band’s career, hit or miss. They’ve got some really good songs on here, and some that aren’t too great. The up side to that is there isn’t anything really bad on here, though you’re most likely going to do some track skipping. However for every song that’s not that great like ‘Beginning From The End’ there’s a really good song like ‘Once Again Sundays’. I wouldn’t say you need to run out and buy this today, but if you’ve been a No Motiv fan, you should go ahead and check this out. If you’re new to No Motiv I wouldn’t recommend this as a starter, I’d say this is more of the type of release you check out more in the middle of the road.

1. Beginning From The End
2. Bled
3. Once Again Sundays
4. Dead As The Day
5. In You
6. Deathwish

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