Ingrid Michaelson Tour Dates

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Jul 11   Slowdown     Omaha NE
Jul 12   Simon Estes Amphitheatre     Des Moines IA
Jul 14   Red Rocks Amphitheatre*     Morrison CO
Jul 16   The Pageant     St. Louis MO
Jul 17   Egyptian Room At Old National Centre     Indianapolis IN
Jul 18   Headliners Music Hall      Louisville KY
Jul 20   Town Ballroom     Buffalo NY
Jul 21   Water Street Music Hall     Rochester NY
Jul 23   Higher Ground South     Burlington VT
Jul 24   Filene Center At Wolf Trap**     Vienna VA
Jul 26   Toad’s Place     New Haven CT
Jul 27   Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel     Providence RI
Jul 28   State Theatre     Portland ME
Jul 29   Bank of America Pavilion**     Boston MA
Jul 31   The Chameleon     Lancaster PA
Aug 02   The NorVa     Norfolk VA
Aug 03   Count Basie Theatre     Red Bank NJ
Aug 04   The Stephen Talkhouse     Amagansett NY
All headline dates except:
*supporting brandi carlile
**co-headline with rufus wainwright

Ingrid performs on Conan this Thursday

Ingrid will be performing “Blood Brothers” this Thursday, April 26th on Conan! Be sure to check out the show on TBS at 11pm. Visit for more performances and a backstage interview

Braceface Tour Dates

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June 20th: Martinsburg, WV @ MJ’s Pub w/ Parasites, The Promdates, and The Meeps.
June 22nd: Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar: INSUBORDINATION FEST!
June 24th: Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar (upstairs) w/ Parasites, The Promdates, and Trashkanistan.

July 1st: Ashland, KY @ Banshees w/Heevahava, and The Transmissions.
July 2nd: Paducah, KY (TBA)
July 3rd: Chicago, IL (TBA)
July 4th: BREAK
July 5th: Fort Wayne, IN (TBA)
July 6th: Port Huron, MI @ Roche Bar w/ The Mcflys, and The Randy Bastards.
July 7th: Cleveland, OH @ Mahalls Bowling Alley w/ Drinking Bishops.
July 8th: Pittsburgh, PA (TBA)
July 9th: Atlantic City, NJ @ Le Grand Fromage w/ The Sheckies, and Position 9.
July 10th: Asbury Park, NJ (NEED HELP BOOKING)
July 11th: TBA
July 12th: Baltimore, MD @ The Sidebar w/ Trashkanistan, The Sheckies, The Firecrackers, and The Quarantines.

REVIEW: No Motiv: Winterlong

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No Motiv hasn’t exactly been active recently; in fact this is the bands first release in about eight years. With that long of a hiatus I know I wasn’t sure how this would turn out, especially since No Motiv has been a band that’s been pretty hit or miss for me. I’d like to say they came back with a vengeance releasing something totally great with Winterlong. Unfortunately I can’t quite do that, Winterlong is pretty much like the band’s career, hit or miss. They’ve got some really good songs on here, and some that aren’t too great. The up side to that is there isn’t anything really bad on here, though you’re most likely going to do some track skipping. However for every song that’s not that great like ‘Beginning From The End’ there’s a really good song like ‘Once Again Sundays’. I wouldn’t say you need to run out and buy this today, but if you’ve been a No Motiv fan, you should go ahead and check this out. If you’re new to No Motiv I wouldn’t recommend this as a starter, I’d say this is more of the type of release you check out more in the middle of the road.

1. Beginning From The End
2. Bled
3. Once Again Sundays
4. Dead As The Day
5. In You
6. Deathwish

Get Winterlong from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Pujol: How High b/w Sliderz

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Here’s a single by Pujol, it’s an odd name for an odd band. Luckily that’s odd in a good way. This single gives you two pretty good garage rock songs that’ll get you through about five minutes of your day, it’s not much but it’s a nice break from real life to go into the Pujol world. And I say that because that’s kind of what it’s like listening to these songs, you somehow transcend into the record, fuck the real world, I’m gonna go hang out with Pujol. These two songs couldn’t be more different, the first is pretty spot on titled ‘How High’ because it’s a like some sort of high when you’re listening to it. The B side ‘Sliderz’ is equally as good but it’s like the band was possessed or let Alice Cooper join. Both of these songs are great for two totally different reasons. This single will pull a weird variety of people in, from the punk rockers, to the potheads, to the metal heads, there’s a bit of something for everybody here, but at the same time it seems like only a select few will really get into it.

1. How High
2. Sliderz

REVIEW: Ridgemont: Colder Days

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Colder Days is the album by Ridgemont, it’s out on Mindless Records, Kiss of Death Records, and Mission Social Club and I’d recommend you get yourself a copy. They’ve got fourteen punk rock songs that will fill the void you’ve had empty in your punk rock heart for a long time. They don’t try to mess around and get too fancy; they just give you some quality punk rock songs to fill your ears with. The only thing I’d heard from this band previously was their demo and I’ve gotta say they’ve improved immensely from that demo. The band is tighter, but hasn’t lost that core that makes me like them so much, the songs are better and there’s plenty more of them to like. Over all these guys sound like they’ve gotten their act together more than they had on the demo but the sounds still sound like they’re just having fun playing them, and that definitely transitions to you having fun listening to them. The songs on this album sound like they’d be great to hear live; every one of them has that two minute party feel. I think things are simple with Ridgemont, if you like punk; you should give this album a listen.

1. No Cream, No Sugar
2. Origins & Endings
3. Dissociated
4. John Cusack, Eat Your Heart Out
5. What Kind of Fucking Family…?
6. Stop Breaking the Law, Asshole
7. Dopes and Schemes
8. Oh, Fishsticks!
9. 8 Hopewell Road
10. Dumpster Chuck
11. Some Little ‘filly’ Break Your Heart?
12. Heads: Boston, Tails: Boulder
13. Bass Chords Would Work Well Here
14. The Fucking Basement Flooded

Get Colder Days from Amazon HERE

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