REVIEW: The Headies: Meta-Pop

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The Headies are back with what may be their best album to date, Meta-Pop. It’s going to be out on Runner Up records on July 13th, but if you can’t wait for that you can go on over to the band’s bandcamp and get it for a donation based download right now. I highly recommend you do that, and buy the LP when it comes out because this thing is great. The first thing you’ll notice when you listen to this is that the band has added a keyboard to the mix, it’s a little weird at first but you get use to it pretty quick, sometimes it’s kind of like The Headies fused with Reggie and the Full Effect, other times it just turns up the fun to eleven and channels Andrew W.K. like in ‘Kelly Wears Keds’. They basically take that great fun rock sound of the Headies and take it to the next level here. Though there is one song that kind of sticks out ‘Cold Fresh Air’ doesn’t quite sound like your normal Headies song, but it’s still a great one. If you like fun and you like punk rock and pop I can’t stress how much you need to hear this album, its crazy fucking good. Fourteen songs, most of which are right around a minute long, you can’t go wrong with this. Right now I’m listening to it for the third time in a row!

1. Good Morning Miss Bliss
2. (Suspended) Adolescent Frustration
3. Please Kill Me
4. Cold Fresh Air
5. Kelly Wears Keds
6. I Tried But Now I Don’t Care
7. Copy Cat
8. I’m Too Rough
9. Anna Lee
10. Meta-Pop
11. Things Inside of Me
12. Fantasy Novels
13. Ten Shades of Blue
14. Calling Dr. Howard

Get it from The Headies HERE

REVIEW: Mixtapes: Hope is for People

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Holy shit, this EP is top notch amazing. If you’re a Mixtapes fan, this is a must own, if you don’t know them, it’s a great start point. Mixtapes are a super poppy pop punk band, they’re one of the hardest working bands around, touring all the time and putting out high quality songs non-stop. Animal Style Records put out this EP last year, I didn’t get it until recently but if I’d gotten it sooner like I should have it’d have easily made it very high on the best of 2011 list. This is a collection of some of the Mixtapes best songs to date; including what I think is my new favorite Mixtapes song ‘Hope is for People’. You’ve also got an acoustic version of ‘Where I Live’ as a bonus song. You just can’t go wrong with this one. If you like pop punk there’s really not a reason you shouldn’t own this. It’s feel good pop that’ll put you in a good mood anytime of the day, buy this for your health.

1. Taking a Year Off
2. Hope is for People
3. You’d Better Bring More Dudes
4. Where I Live
5. The New Ride The Lightning
6. Where I Live (acoustic)

Get Hope Is For People from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: The Zits: Bubblegum Days

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There’s a lot of music to process here so let’s not waste any time and jump right in. The Zits have been releasing EP’s digitally for a while now; here is the album you’ve been waiting for. It’s not your typical album though, nor is it just one of those collections; instead it’s kind of a combination of both. Normally I hate when bands reuse songs already out on albums, but I’ll let things slide here since everything here is remastered. The nice thing about having things the way they are with this album is if you’ve missed the previously released Zits stuff, or just like to listen to it all at once, it’s right here in one package for you. Instead of boring you with talking about songs I’ve already reviewed a second time I’m going to focus on the new stuff here. Most of this is the same great Zits songs we’ve heard from the various EP’s and singles, they just sound way better, with a difference sequence. However for me the biggest prize here was the three new songs, ‘My Gyro’, ‘Flower Girl’ and ‘Surfin’ Safari’. ‘My Gyro’ is super fast, like, it’s only ten seconds of fast punk rock. ‘Flower Girl’ is my favorite type of Zits song, it’s catchy, fast, and it’s got some bounce and cool riffs. ‘Surfin’ Safari’ is a Beach Boys cover, it’s pretty damn impressive considering that The Zits isn’t comprised of a full band that can join together for the harmonies, but it gets faked really well. In the tradition of good punk Beach Boys covers this one definitely ranks up there. The only thing I’m really going to say about the sequence of this is I do like that the songs from the two acoustic EP’s were put on at the end. It kind of feels like you get bonus material, plus it avoids what may have been an awkward transition from a fast electric song to an acoustic one. So if you like pop punk, surf rock, or just good music in general Bubblegum Days should be in your listening rotation, it’s a good one. And with the remastering the Zits have never sounded better.

1. Surf Or Die
2. Gosh, I Need A Vacation
3. I Wanna Live On The Moon
4. My Gyro
5. Surfing Holiday
6. Rocket To Hawaii
7. Flower Girl
8. Scrambled Brains
9. Surfin’ Safari
10. I Never Thought
11. Marry Me In Waikiki
12. Slept In All Summer
13. Surf Zombies Must Die
14. Bubblegum & Poprocks (Acoustic)
15. I Can’t Get You Outta My Mind (Acoustic)
16. I Wanna Date My Classmate (Acoustic)
17. She’s Got No I.Q. (Acoustic)
18. My Birthday Sucks (Acoustic)
19. Twist My World Girl (Acoustic)
20. Dreaming Up My Own Fantasy (Acoustic)
21. My Girlfriend’s A Martian (Acoustic)
22. You’ll Always Have My Heart – Betty’s Song Pt. 1 (Acoustic)
23. Long Trip Home – Betty’s Song Pt. 2 (Acoustic)

Get it from The Zits HERE

Releases Worth Getting May 29, 2012

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Maverick: The Complete First Season
Outlaw Josey Wales
Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp


Supremes: At the Copa: Expanded Edition

REVIEW: Nasty Cats: The World Ends With You

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The Nasty Cats are back with another album; this is one I was really excited for since I loved the last one so much. This is another great album by the band but this one is noticeably more unique. There is a real evolution of sound on this album. Instead of a straight pop punk album they incorporate a lot more of an alternative punk and pop sound. Some songs are reminiscent of bands like The Ataris and Alkaline Trio (back when both were good of course) but the majority of the album is a totally unique sound to this band. This is great because not only will it keep the pop punk heads like myself happy it’ll also get heads turning of people who write off pop punk as generic. Anyone that likes any type of pop, alternative or punk rock music should be on top of this one. I can’t see any reason not to love this album, it’s a great one.

1.Broken Hearted
3.Take Me Away From Here
6.It’s Not Too Late
7.To My Chest
10.Freak Out
11.Hopeless Romantic

Get World Ends With You from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Museum Mouth: Sexy But Not Happy

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Personally I’m pretty burnt out on the whole lo-fi garage pop rock thing, but even through these jaded ears I still really enjoyed this album. Museum Mouth self-released this album, it’s a twelve song (thirteen if you count the extra) release that starts off a little slow but picks up momentum fast. The worst thing I can really say about this is the kid on the album cover creeps me out. While I won’t call every song on this album great, there isn’t any that I would call bad at all. There are some low kind of depressing points here, but that’s what the lo-fi rock brings to the table a lot of time, ‘Blood Hammer’ and ‘SW Ahili’ are a couple of stand out songs and ‘Bigger Problems’ is just damn incredible. As a whole I’d say the album is good, a solid B grade, but with those three songs alone it’s worth the price of the album. Lo-fi rock and pop fans take note, if you’re into things like Waaves and Vivian Girls, Museum Mouth is most likely for you.

1. Goodbye, Evan
2. Sexy But Not Happy
3. For Mom
4. Blood Mountain
5. Certain Doom
6. Bigger Problems
7. I Was A Teenage Paladin
8. Blood Hammer
9. Swahili
10. Buzzbrain
11. 2005
12. Hell Hawk

REVIEW: The Taxpayers: To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal

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Portland, OR’s Taxpayers are one of the most unique bands going right now. ‘To Risk So Much For One Damn Meal’ is the band’s third full-length album, nearly a year in the making the album was recorded in houses, warehouses, parks, and a classroom everywhere from Minneapolis to Portland. The album isn’t just unique because of the sound but also the release, it’s getting the super grand treatment in this department. Plan-It-X Records is releasing it on vinyl and CD, Tiger Force Ultra is releasing it on cassette tape, Quote Unquote Records is releasing it for free/donations, and finally the band’s label Useless State, is releasing it as a zine with essays, science experiments, song explanations, etc, the last page even has a sleeve for the CD. It sounds like the perfect type of release for a Taxpayers album. They’re a band that’s almost indiscernible. They take sounds from everywhere and blend them without missing a beat. You can’t call this band anything else besides a punk band and accurately convey the sound that they put out. This is a band that truly has something for everyone, from the guy that listens to folk, to the kid listening to ski, to rock n roll, pop, country, even a little piano music and a dash of hardcore. If you want to check the Taxpayers out this is a perfect album to do so, it covers their rage perfectly, if you’re already a fan of the band they I say to you that I think this is their best album to date. There’s not one of these thirteen songs that I don’t like. Everyone should check this out, you’re bound to find something you like, and chances are, you’ll be into the whole thing. And (not related to the album really) but if you ever get the chance to see the Taxpayers, do it. They’re a fucking blast live!

1. The Windows Break
2. And The Damn Thing Bit Him!
3. Rapid Movements in a Bottle
4. Everything is Aweful
5. Geodesic Prison Song
6. Louisiana Hot Sauce Rainy Nights
7. Everybody Just Stood There
8. The Cold Front
9. A Matter of Simple Deduction
10. Some Kind of Disaster Relief
11. It Gets Worse Every Minute
12. My Brother Isn’t Dying
13. Let the Wheels Turn Slowly

Get To Risk So Much for One Damn Meal from Amazon HERE

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