Carmelita Sings-Visions of a Rock Apocalypse was released originally in 2000 now many years later silver sprocket bicycle club has this super sweet deluxe re-issue of the album. You vinyl snobs can cry now because this is a CD only release, but personally that doesn’t really matter to me because it’s a great package, so great I now own the original one and the re-issue. The extra stuff on here includes b-sides, unreleased radio performances from ’99. You also get a sweet forty page art book, buttons and stickers and as a super bonus there’s a download code for another full length. And that’s so good it could have just been another release on its own. If you’re not familiar with Bobby Joe Ebola & the Children Macnuggits they have a very unique style of punk that is truly one of a kind. I haven’t heard any other band that sounds anything close to this, it’s goofy, dark, funny, fun, and it’s got a great mix of acoustic and dual vocals when needed. This album is especially great because it’s got some of the band’s best songs (like ‘I Love Drugs’). As far as re-issues go this gets an A++ it’s one of the best re-issues you’ll come across, if you don’t already own this album, get all over this. And if you do already own it, fuckin re-buy it because it’s very well worth it.

1. Root Canal
2. Money for Books
3. Reverand Thomas Speaks
4. I Love Drugs
5. Skin Cancer
6. My Eyes Are Down
7. Summer Screamin’
8. Childkiller
9. Sideburns
10. Little Lamb
11. Reverand Thomas Speaks Again
12. Vicarious Fame
13. Mr. Abuse
14. Psychotic Girlfriend
15. 1 1/2 Ft
16. Secret Service Industry
17. Sliding Glass Door
18. You Don’t Have to Die Alone
19. Canary
20. Mr. Turtle
21. Liver Lover
22. The Nearly Out-Of-Salt Cabaret
23. Kathleen, The World Needs You
24. You Deprivation Chamber
25. Suitcase
26. The Rotting Game
27. rocknrollfire
28. Stick It Out (Frank Zappa)
29. Cuhl Aide Mahn
30. She Ain’t No Crip
31. Anne
32. Hermie Halbert and I Need Poon

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