REVIEW: The Avengers

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Let me start this thing off on the wrong foot, I’ve never been a big fan of The Avengers comics, or any of the ‘super teams’ in general. However I’m a man that has to watch every comic movie, and of the recent batch of Marvel movies they’ve been doing pretty good. I didn’t have high hopes for this but I figured there was a chance this could be really good. Joss Whedon was the writer and director for this, he’s also the guy that wrote and directed a bunch of stuff that nerds like, none of which I’ve been into or seen do it doesn’t mean much to me personally. I guess I’d say he did a decent job with this, nothing mind blowing, but serviceable. The movie is The Avengers so I guess the best way to do this is just to break it down, person by person. Clark Gregg was pretty enjoyable in this, even though his role was pretty small; mostly he delivered some needed subtle comedy into the movie. Gwyneth Paltrow was here as Pepper Potts, for some reason I’ve had a lot of questions about how she was in this one, really though it was a non factor. I think she was in the movie for a total of five minutes. A nice surprise, at least for me, was Cobie Smulders (most people will recognize her as Robin from How I Met Your Mother) in the movie, she was just a SHIELD agent but she had a pretty decent role. I thought she was great; it was nice to see her in something else for a change. For our villain in the film we had Tom Hiddleston filling the shoes of Loki, he did a great job, if there were any short comings in the movie it wasn’t from the bad guy side. I thought he was great with the right amounts of serious bad ass, and maybe slight 80’s and comic book cheese. Before I get to the main team of the movie there’s one more I think I have to call out, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. I assume most people loved him as Fury, personally I wasn’t feeling it. I haven’t really been a fan of the Ultimate Universe version of Nick Fury in general, since they were going for that it seems Sam did a great job for what they were going for, but for me this version of Nick Fury is kind of bland. I much prefer him as the grizzled veteran than the slimy spy you can’t really trust. Now onto the core team. Robert Downey Jr. did a great job as Tony Stark/Iron Man once again, I never cared for the Iron Man comics but loved both movies and Robert Downey Jr. is a big part of that. He’s also a big part of everything that was right with this movie, pretty much every moment he’s on screen is a good one. Chris Evans was once again Steve Rogers/Captain America, much like Iron Man I never liked the Captain America comics however I’m a giant fan of the movie, it’s my favorite of the new batch of Marvel movies, however he doesn’t work quite as well in The Avengers. It’s no fault of Chris’, he does the roll well, he’s even got a joke or two, but if anything this movie showed why I don’t really like Captain America. He’s pretty pointless next to some of these guys, he’s the goodie do what you’re told, line up; maybe throw an order or two around soldier. All in all he’s a pretty thin character, he doesn’t add a whole lot to the movie, and I also really hated the costume change they did for the Captain. Mark Ruffalo played Bruce Banner/The Hulk in this movie. The third person to play the Hulk in just as many movies. This was probably the one I was most worried about, I’ve always liked the Hulk, hated the first movie, and really liked the second one. I like Mark Ruffalo, but he had big shoes to fill because Edward Norton did a great job last time. That being said, I thought Mark Ruffalo was the best Bruce Banner/Hulk to date. Not only that but there’s no question that he was the best part of this entire movie, if there is a reason to go see The Avengers, it’s The Hulk. Chris Hemsworth was back as Thor, this was no better or worse than the Thor movie, take that as you’d like to. For me this means he delivered a pretty solid performance but there wasn’t anything really impressive here. Jeremy Renner played Hawkeye, I was actually kind of in high spirits for this one, Hawkeye is pretty much a poor man’s Green Arrow, and for the most part doesn’t do a whole lot, however I like Jeremy Renner a lot. Unfortunately even Jeremy couldn’t make Hawkeys badass; he’s about as yawnable as he is on the comic pages here. Finally there was Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow; everything with her was pretty incredible. I can generally take or leave Black Widow but Scarlett played this more than perfectly, not to mention she filled out that suit pretty well. Overall the movie was alright, it wasn’t amazing by any means, however it didn’t suck either, the movie had some good gags and some decent action. There’s no question that Black Widow, Iron Man and The Hulk carry this movie, chances are coming out of it you’ll be talking about The Hulk and nothing else, because that’s really about all there is to talk about. If you’re a super Marvel or comic fan I’d say to go see this, though you probably will be planning to do so anyway, however I’d say don’t get your hopes up too high. And with every Marvel movie, stick around after the credits, even though the movie is pretty average, there’s something to make you smile for the future at the end.

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The Headies “META-POP” Summer Tour 2012

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The Headies have a new album coming, so they’re touring! They’re super fun to see so don’t miss out!

7/13 – Wilmington, DE @ Spaceboy (Record Release Show) w/Ex-Friends, Goddamnit, the Electric Bummers
7/19 – Pittsburgh, PA @ the Lava Lounge w/ Playoff Beard, and Late Comer
7/20 – Chicago, IL @ Pancho’s w/Devon Kay & The Solutions
7/21 – Madison, WI @ the Dragonfly Lounge w/Direct Hit, the Jetty Boys, and Masked Intruder
7/22 – Milwaukee, WI @ TBA with Direct Hit
7/23 – Minneapolis, MN @ Memory Lanes w/Fuck Detector, Brother Nature, the Right Here
7/24 – Cedar Rapids, IA @ Tornado’s w/Lipstick Homicide
7/25 – Bloomington, IN @ Rockit’s w/Wringer
7/26 – St, Louis, MO – @ Plush Saint Louis w/ The Holy Hand Grenades & more
7/27 -Fort Worth, TX – @1919 Hemphill w/ Talked Out, Hate Your Friends, & Not Half Bad
7/28 – Fort Worth, TX – TBA
7/29 – New Orleans, LA – HELP!
7/30 – Atlanta GA – @ the WonderRoot w/Treephort, Full Net, Deadites

8/31 – Baltimore, MD @ Trap House w/Caseracer
9/1 – Washington, D.C. w/Caseracer
9/2 – Richmond, VA @ Haus Addy w/Caseracer

For more info:

Releases Worth Getting May 8, 2012

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Mikey Erg/Alex Kerns
Like Bats: Midwest Nothing

REVIEW: Man the Change: Faded EP

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Man the Change has a new EP out, it’s called Faded, and it’s fucking great. And I mean really great, this totally blows away everything else the band has done. The first song not only has a great name, it’s also the best Man the Change song I’ve ever heard, it’s fast, and has a pretty good amount of pop punk mixed in there, which you know I’m a fan of. If you’re going to tell someone to listen to this band, it better be this song. There’s not a whole lot to the second song, it’s pretty much a nice slow riff for most of the song, and it’s a good relaxer. When the vocals finally do kick in it becomes a complete quality song. The last song picks up the pace into a little bit of a 90’s sounding punk song. It’s almost as good as the first track, but that one is pretty unbeatable so ‘Ninety Nine’ sits solidly in second place, that is second place of all Man the Change songs. If you like this band, if you don’t, if you’ve never heard them I recommend this EP to every one of you people. It’ll most likely make you a fan, turn you around into one or make you go ‘holy shit, these guys just took it to the next level’.

1. Lockjaw vs. Razor Ramon
2. Rapaport
3. Ninety Nine

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