Chicago’s All Eyes West are here with a fucking great album that’s out on Jump Start Records, it’s got a lot of great songs and sounds like a million bucks. The vocals sound a lot like Dave Grohl a lot of the time and there’s the blaring guitar that drives most of the songs but it’s still got a lot of punk edge to it. It’s like the Foo Fighters album for Jawbreaker fans. I really can’t recommend this album enough, I’ve listened to it many times over and it never gets old. With every listen it hits me again like ‘damn I forgot how good this thing is’. If you haven’t heard this album you’re missing out on some serious great rock songs (which is a very rare thing now a days). All Eyes West isn’t a band to watch, it’s a band you should already be listening to.

1. Fact Or Fiction
2. Help Is On The Way
3. One Less Arrow
4. The Accident
5. Everything I Never Said
6. Preach to Rejects
7. Stations
8. Clocks on Slow

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