In The Valley is a three song EP by Great Cynics, it came out on February 28th and features three songs that the band had previously recorded acoustically before they changed their name from Cynics to Great Cynics. With a full band the songs sound totally different, but still hold the same kind of sound. ‘In The Valley’ doesn’t last too long, it’s not really a short song, it’s just that song that’s so good it seems like it’s over not long after it’s started. It has a great showing of both vocalists too which I’m a big fan of. ’14 Coleman St’ might be my favorite song on here, it’s a song I can listen to a hundred times and not get tired of hearing it. ‘You’re Alright’ is the longest one on here, you can really hear the acoustic undertone still in the song but it’s much fuller here. There’s a lot of energy in this one, but it cuts it down at just the right point. Any Great Cynics fan will need to get their hands on this, and if you’re just getting into the band this is a pretty place to start. Three great songs by one great band.

1. In The Valley
2. 14 Coleman St
3. You’re Alright

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