A lot of people are tired of the folk punk thing, and a lot of people are still really into it, personally I listen selectively, and The Wild is one of those bands I like to listen to. Here is their collection, aptly named, A Collection. This compiles all of the band’s out-of-print singles, EPs, live songs and split releases, it’s a pretty great one stop shop collection. You get fourteen quality songs from the band, two of them being acoustic and a live track at the end. I think one reason The Wild works so well is because they’re not just a straight up folk punk band, they’ve also got a bit of bands like The Measure [sa] in them, and so you don’t feel like you’ve just heard all of this before. If you’re a fan of The Wild, this is a pretty great collection to have a lot of great releases in one location, or if you’re missing some. If you haven’t gotten into The Wild I’d say check ‘em out if you’re into those folk bands or bands like the Measure [sa].

1. Mudlines
2. Let Me Sing you A Song
3. Stillness Sickness
4. Our Cities
5. Street Names
6. To Be Content
7. They Too Will Know
8. The City That Never Sleeps
9. We Will Drive These Warlords Out
10. We Shall Overcome Someday
11. Oh Alex
12. Set Ourselves Free (Acoustic – Grooveshark Session)
13. Everything We Need (Acoustic – Pink Couch Session)
14. Together Underground (Live At Wonderroot 9/17/2010)